The Haunting of Hill House or a series more about mental illness than about ghosts

This is our forever house. It always was. Nothing bad will ever touch them ever again.
Nothing good will, either.

I saw something new on my Netflix list – a series with a title similar to one of the most horrifying horror books I’ve ever laid my hands on. And since it’s October and Spookfest is on, I decided to give it a try. I was instantly hooked. I binge-watched the show in a day and a bit and I wanted to see if anyone else noted the mix of reality, visions and hallucinations in the series. The story is told from the POV of everyone involved and as opposed to the book, the series starts with the death of one of the family and then flashes back to the events leading up to that point. Continue reading “The Haunting of Hill House or a series more about mental illness than about ghosts”

This is Us – The Game Plan episode that made me think

I have a confession. I binge watch shows that I like. And when I discovered an 8.8 imdb rated show with three seasons, I couldn’t help myself so I indulged in this lovely pastime.

After seeing the muck-up that the Manny did with explaining to young-uns that everyone dies (including their parents and themselves), he manages to get things together by explaining a drawing of “life” that he did for a play that he was going to act in. The drawing itself looks like a very colourful Pollock.,800x800,070,f.u3.jpg
Abstract Jackson Pollock Painting Original Art Titled: Jump In

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Ozark Season 2 – The Langmore admission letter

“An undercurrent of savagery pervaded my life long before the violence truly began. My dad made grand theft auto seem like a good career path, like we were entrepreneurs in a start-up.
Only our start-up was the motor of someone else’s car or truck or boat.”
“My childhood traumas are not like yours.
My mother’s leaving is not like your mother’s leaving.
You see, I’m a cursed Langmore, long inured to violence and death.
‘Taken too soon?’ people ask me of an untimely death.
And in the case of a Langmore, perhaps not soon enough.”

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Ozark Season 2 – Quote about depression

ozark-bateman-linney-20004411-640x480“I have a brother. He is manic-depressive, and he has been a mess his whole life.
And I have spent much of my life resenting him and what he put my family through.
To me, he was indulgent, and he was embarrassing, and, quite frankly, he was weak.
And then, ten years ago, I fell into my own depression when I lost a child.
And I learned very quickly that depression is not a passive, lethargic state.
Far from it. It might seem that way to people on the outside.

But to the person depressed, it is an active state of roiling pain from the tip of your hair to the bottom of your feet.

And I think, deep down, you know, probably more than anyone, that Charles Wilkes
didn’t kill your husband. Tim killed himself because he wanted the pain to stop.
He just wanted it to end. I mean, it feels like torture.

That’s why he killed himself.”

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Masters of Sex * The woman who couldn’t conceive

I was oddly moved by this heartfelt conversation from Masters of Sex (Season 3 Ep 2). When a woman cannot conceive, especially when an heir to the throne is needed, it’s a national tragedy. It’s even worse for the couple involved as the pressure is coming from all around them.

“The tubes have already been permanently damaged.”
“There is nothing more that can be done?”
“I’m so sorry.”

“Does my husband know?”
“He’s asked for you. Shall I, uh–”
“No. Please… I need a minute.”
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Say I love you

Sukitte Ii na yo

Mei Tachibana was once a regular girl who enjoyed hanging out with her friends. But after a traumatic incident where all her so-called friends suddenly turned their backs on her, Mei’s idea of friendship changed forever.

Even though I only feel warmth at those times, the moment I leave, I start to get cold again, and I fear that even my heart will turn to ice

In order to stop herself from ever going through the same awful experience again, she decides to stay away from people as much as possible, and ideally, to never make any friends ever again. Continue reading “Say I love you”

The Vikings * And the awesome stories I learned from them

The guys where I work are worried. I show a natural tendency to love violent tv shows that expose a lot of sex, a lot of gore, bloody violence and deadly killings. I am a Game of Thrones fan (massive, massive fan) and recently, I started watching How to get away with murder and Vikings.

I got into Vikings very very fast and soon, I was coming to work wearing Floki eye make-up and thus increasing the tension in my colleagues 😀


As I have done with Breaking Bad, I’m going to compile a short list of all the things I learned while watching the show.

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Penny Dreadful

After the failure of “American Horror Story: Coven“, I found myself looking for a good show to watch. I have seen (and loved) “Dexter”, seen “Six-Feet Under”, “Supernatural” and the wonderful “Carnivalé”. As you can imagine from the list above, I love a horror story, a death story, a supernatural story. This is why I keep on trying to find something similar…

I tried watching “The Originals” but that was a flop from the pilot episode. Star-Crossed was too teen-age and other shows were too commercial to try…

I found Penny Dreadful by mistake – I thought I was seeing a re-run of the classic TV movie – The Penny Dreadful picture show, but I was wrong!


What I had instead was way better! I have only seen two episodes so far but the story line is good enough to keep you entertained and the number of monsters revealed per every 10 minutes is amazing! So far we have vampires, Doctor Frankenstein and his monster, Jack the Ripper, Dorian Gray and if I did not know any better, I would think I was watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Series format.

I love Eva Green. She is calm and collected and her appearance is like a breadth of fresh air into the show. She is such a great actress!


Her performance in the second episode of the series left me breathless!