BoJack Horseman on Death (Finale)

It is really, really hard for people to get endings right. It was a running joke in IT Chapter 2 and while the writers think it’s good, the legions of fans will soon come screaming and petitioning for a re-do as it wasn’t well done. Lost, Dexter and more recently Game of Thrones have died a shameful death with lousy written endings.
So you can imagine the pressure the writers from BoJack Horseman were under.

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Judah – BoJack Horseman – sings for Princess Carolyn

Guess who’s hooked on the new season of BoJack Horseman? While I think I’ll make a later post discussing the views of “toxic masculinity” and “Hollywood media accusing established actors for past transgressions” another time, there was a scene in the new season which absolutely blew me out of the water. One of my role-models (Lovely Efficient Judah) sings for one of my other role-models (super-efficient and ambitious Princess Carolyn) and confesses his feelings in a very unconventional manner. I was 🙂 and could not believe it was happening. They should make an amazing match.

Here I am rooting for the love of two fictional characters again!

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Spinning Out – Or the story of a bi-polar skater

♪ Everything I want ♪
♪ Comes at a cost ♪
♪ And I want ♪
♪ It all ♪

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Marianne – The French Horror Flick that brought exorcisms back on the table

OMG! I binge watched “Marianne” today and it was freaking scary. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween! I’m talking really scary due to the well used horror tropes:

  • elderly possessed woman (like The Skeleton Key)
  • Creepy children
  • Scary dreams
  • Demons!
  • Falling teeth
  • one hanged woman
  • Slowly walking bloodied bodies

I think what really got me was the scenes with the old woman (Marianne) who is definitely crazy but the way she takes out her own tooth with a knife and then saws off a hand using a kitchen knife was out of this world. Add in some people walking up from the waves – and you have yourself a good horror.

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American Gods Season 2

Gaiman’s a hell of a writer. Even with Anderson and Chenoweth gone, this is still a striking and deep ensemble. But the whole thing is hollow and dull. Fuller and Green’s vision of American Gods was far from perfect throughout, but it could be stunning in isolated moments or episodes, where the new season offers very little to believe in.

Some performances stand out, like Pablo Schreiber’s tough-talking, soft-hearted leprechaun and Laura Browning’s impatient, slowly dying zombie — while others don’t quite elevate above the ordinary.

I’ve read the book and at around episode five I no longer had any idea what the script writers were doing (It’s like Game of Thrones Season 8). There are long scenes where nothing of any consequence or even interest happens. It’s like they just started making stuff up to fill in the time. I actually turned off when they had shirtless dancing cowboys performing a terrible cabaret act and Shadow Moon was shuffling around a shopping mall, for ages.
Watch the first season, it really is a lot of fun and very stylish but skip this empty and lifeless filler-fest.
Better off, read the book as it will give you gems like this: click here for excerpt

Fleabag – Or the story of a witty girl with a possible sex addiction

Bingewatched a show again. This time it was Amazon’s “Fleabag” and man, it gave me some feels at the end of it. Real feels. I got all emotional and teary-eyed.

The story of a dysfunctional 30 year old, laid bare for the world to see.

For anyone a bit messed up by life the writer of this series wants you to reassure her she is not alone. Set in London it is a touching lesson in the bizarre, crazy and irrational things Londoners will do for some control and stability in their lives. Continue reading “Fleabag – Or the story of a witty girl with a possible sex addiction”

Fleabag – The after awards bar speech about menopause

vlcsnap-2019-05-05-12h07m01s110.pngListen, I was in an aeroplane the other day and I realised… Well, I… I mean, I’ve been longing to say this out loud. Women are born with pain built in. It’s our physical destiny.
Period pains, sore boobs, childbirth, you know. We carry it within ourselves throughout our lives.

Men don’t.
They have to seek it out.
They invent all these gods and demons and things just so they can feel guilty about things, which is something we also do very well on our own.
And then they create wars, so they can feel things and touch each other, and when there aren’t any wars they can play rugby. And we have it all going on in here, inside. We have pain on a cycle for years and years and years and then, just when you feel you are making peace with it all, what happens?

The menopause comes. The fucking menopause comes and it is… the most…most wonderful fucking thing in the world!

And, yes, your entire pelvic floor crumbles and you get fucking hot and no-one cares, but then… you’re free. No longer a slave, no longer a machine, with parts.
You’re just a person in business.

It is horrendous, but then it’s magnificent. Something to look forward to.


Love, Death and Robots and how it took the Internet by storm. Digital Storm!

I am in absolute awe what this show has accomplished. Each episode (varying from 8 to 18min in length) is a piece of art with a lovely story and a twist that leaves you hanging. The humour is crude, the penises are on display and the jokes keep rolling. From existential meditation of humankind as seen from the unfeeling (or very feeling) eyes of a robot, “Say Terrabyte!” and jump in!

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Horse to Busan * Medieval Zombies and K-drama

Kingdom is based on Webtoon “God’s Country”, written by Kim Eun-Hee (Signal).



a Crown Prince in medieval South Korea must fight to save his people from a zombie infection rampaging throughout the land while he evades political enemies’ schemes to take his right to the throne.

“Kingdom captured our imaginations from the moment we read the script with its visual feast of historical drama blended with supernatural fantasy,” said Netflix’s VP of international originals, Erik Barmack, when the project was announced. “We are incredibly honored by this rare opportunity of pairing two premier creative minds in Korea – film director Kim Seong-hun and television writer Kim Eun-hee.”.

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