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Creepy Nightcrawler Movie

Very recently I went to see a special release of the movie Nightcrawler before it hits the UK Cinemas. And I sat there entranced for the two hours of the movie, looking at the screen, unable to take my eyes off. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

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The Equalizer vs. The Guest

So I heard you like action movies? I see you nod your head. I hear you also liked hard-core men that know how to fire a gun and don’t look like a pussy when doing it. You’re still nodding. I heard that you like cold-blooded psychopaths with a tendency for paranoia and a lack of empathy that only… Read more »

“Who Are You?” by Jack Marcus.

I am a small poem on a
page with room for another.

Share with me this white field,
wide as an acre of snow,
clear but for these tiny
markings like the steps of birds.

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Ruby Sparks and Her

I’ve seen two good movies this weekend, both about a man’s search for his ideal woman and his inability to find one in the real world. Ruby Sparks (2012) Ruby Sparks is about an author (not very good author in my opinion) who is much like an introvert and has difficulties getting a girlfriend. He… Read more »

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Penny Dreadful

After the failure of “American Horror Story: Coven“, I found myself looking for a good show to watch. I have seen (and loved) “Dexter”, seen “Six-Feet Under”, “Supernatural” and the wonderful “Carnivalé”. As you can imagine from the list above, I love a horror story, a death story, a supernatural story. This is why I… Read more »

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The new Godzilla was awesome

I went to have a look at the new blockbuster movie called “Godzilla” expecting to see yet more destruction, more monster screaming, more women yelling in despair as a massive foot was approaching them. I was not disappointed but I need to tell you that Godzilla was not the bad guy in this movie, he… Read more »