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Ip Man 3 vs Creed

Last night I went on a Cinema Binge. Saw Ip Man 3 and Creed, both stories about warriors, involving loads of fighting, loads of fists thrown and loads of moves that made me go wow. As I saw them back to back, I must say I deem Ip Man as the absolute winner. By a… Read more »

Why I liked Burnt with Bradley Cooper

I love a good cooking movie. I have seen “Chef” which I could only describe as food porn, loved “The hundred yard journey” about an indian chef getting his first Michelin star in France and I thought Burnt will be something similar. It was and it wasn’t. I felt like I was thrown into this… Read more »

A story about a boy and a dinosaur

Saw The Good Dinosaur last night and I must say while Pixar animations have gotten better and better, they are still crap when rendering a dinosaur. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

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The Mockingjay returns for a disappointing finale

It is finally done. The Hunger Games saga ends with the Mockingjay Part2 which I managed to grab a seat for last night. It was fully booked! Since its release early this week, cinemas have been heaving with people trying to grab a seat and watch the grand finale of “The Mockingjay: Killing president Snow”…. Read more »

The last witch hunter was sooo boring

I was hyped for the upcoming release of the Witch Hunter. The trailer looked promising, it had loads of action and I must say I love both Eliajah Wood and Vin Diesel on their own, but together, they will be awesome! What I was expecting: A mix between Constantine (with Keanu Reeves) and Season of… Read more »

Miss you already * Or the Breast Cancer Awareness Movie

My (now only) girlfriend booked a movie for us to watch yesterday, a girly movie that will show us the power of friendship in face of adversity, how two females will always share things no two men can share and how beautiful it is to have a BFF during your hardest times. I had no… Read more »


Guess who saw “Legend” last night? I love Tom Hardy and I loved him in the dog movie (with the dog who dies), “Lawless” as a contraband booze dealer, the “Child 44” soviet drama, the “Mad Max” blood run, “Bane” – The Batman sequel and I figured out I would love this movie as it… Read more »

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Southpaw – the dialogue that moved me

I was weary about watching Southpaw and I postponed it until I could no more. Since Nightcrawler, I was afraid of despising this character too, of disliking him, of finding him repulsive as a cockroach on the kitchen table. Instead, I loved the portrayal of a dad trying to do better, knowing he fucked up… Read more »