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Joseph Klibansky Art show in Venice

I went to Venice this weekend and was surprised to see the artist who decorated some of the terminal paths in Gatwick airport London – Joseph Klibansky- having an exhibit at the Palazzo Franchetti in Venice! The often-perceived soothing prettiness of Klibansky’s work can be experienced as positively numbing the senses of the viewer.  An image… Read more »

The Transformation

The Transformation of a face (using photoshop) from baby to maturity and then old age. I loved it! He even captured the sparkle in their eyes, the intelligence on the face, the knowing look of a female. What do you think? Transformarea Exceptional talent artistic!!! Metamorfoza unui chip peste care trece timpul. Merita distribuit? Geplaatst… Read more »

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Dear John – The Moonlight obsession

“And then I feel as if I’m witnessing a miracle, as ever so slowly she raises her face towards the moon. I watch her drink in the sight, sensing the flood of memories she’s unleashed and wanting nothing more than to let her know I’m here. But instead I stay where I am and stare… Read more »

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Photoshop on a video

Musicl Video: The video camera totally modifies Boggie’s look, and towards to end cuts the image in half so we can see the difference of the image they’ve made and what she really looks like. It totally brings our her point: my image can change, but I’m more than just the image. There is also… Read more »

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My mom before marriage

I know, I know, my Photoshop skills are appalling. Being crap at something never stopped me before so here is my collage of pictures of my mother. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

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Deconstructed – Poem

a structure of it’s own, deconstructed .lied. to the floor, captured by time, broken .cracks. emptied out, in a sack with broken glass pieces. …. slipping in-between, gliding free. broken leaf in the breeze, with a mind of it’s own. …. it’s soft now. walk free.     Click to rate this post! [Total: 0… Read more »