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Hereditary or the movie about Cultist Grandma

I refuse to watch any trailers. I think nowadays, 90% of the plot is given away in 2 minutes in a desperate attempt to draw in audiences. But when I saw that a new movie was called as good  as the classic Exorcist and Rosemary’s baby (which are excellent in my opinion), I wanted to… Read more »

A tale of two dinosaurs or how Jurassic World re-invents evolution

Went to see “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” last night and while I nodded at the recycled content, and sometimes cringed at the terrible dialogue and absolutely hated the two minor side-kicks (the doctor and the programmer) for being to obnoxious, I loved a few bits about the movie that I shall talk about. Click to… Read more »

When we first met movie quote

I so like it when Netflix decides to remake 50 first dates and Groundhog day and who can forget the classic Bedazzled? You have the classic scenario: guy is in love with girl, girl chooses another, guy goes back in time to try again. And again. And again. After every attempt he wakes up in… Read more »

Amazing Porn Movie Puns

I must admit that I mistakenly purchased Game of Bones before… I really liked it though, almost as much sex as the original Game of Thrones. Which ones have you seen? Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

What the hell did I watch? The killing of the sacred deer.

I saw a movie advertised starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell and I went in blind. I did not watch the trailer, I did not read the reviews, I did however have a peek at the 8.1 rating on IMDB and I sighed happily. I was in for a good movie. “Sacred Deer” stars Colin Farrell as… Read more »

Wonder woman against the coke-sniffing Nazi general

Guess who’s been to see Wonder Woman late last night? After the massive hype surrounding the movie and seeing Wonder Woman (plus the costumes plastered all over Comic Con), I decided to see my favourite hero re-acted by Gal Gadot. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

XXX – Xander Cage should have stayed retired

I usually start disliking a movie when the credits sequence is over 1 minute long. This movie has a VERY long credits sequence BEFORE the movie and you should see the one after the movie… I started rolling my eyes and looking at the watch as the director’s name kept on flashing on the screen,… Read more »

Martin Scorsese has left me Silent

Not sure because the movie was a technical masterpiece or because of the very long and dragged-out silences in the movie. Is it Oscar season again? Last time I suffered from “Pregant Silence” was during 12 Years a Slave and Ornithologist, Philatelist, Philanthropist – and Murderer? – Foxcatcher. This is how I looked at the end of… Read more »