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Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur

I watched a movie this weekend – French, 2018 – about a serial killer that would target Gay people who appeared in cheap pornos. Badly acted, filled with absolutely forgettable characters (both the actual movie and the movie within the movie), it did offer one good insight. When the leading lady fails to seduce the… Read more »

1917 or the story of Sam and Frodo retold

For anyone who’s a fan of Lord of the Rings, it is known that the story was mostly inspired by Tolkien’s days in the war. Lord of the Rings tells a tale that the strong friendships become stronger in the face of adversity and can last a life time. That delivering important items can sometimes… Read more »

mystery of love (call me by your name poem)

Oh, to see without my eyes The first time that you kissed me Boundless by the time I cried I built your walls around me White noise, what an awful sound Fumbling by Rogue River Feel my feet above the ground Hand of God, deliver me

“I am” – Scene from Penny Dreadful.

I thoroughly miss this show and I wish it would have continued past the three very amazing seasons! VANESSA: “Mr. Clare.” “Miss Ives.” “Do you know you share your name with a dead poet?” “Yes.” “Do you like poetry?” “All sad people like poetry. Happy people like songs.” [BOTH CHUCKLE]

“Us” – or WTF did I just watch during weekly horror movie night?

Having seen Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”, I was expecting another amazing thriller filled with a good twist, loads of humour and a good scare. What I got instead was an artsy attempt filled with too many rabbits and overlay chorus. This review contains spoilers so if you want to watch the movie, don’t read on.

The Aquaman Movie was good but not great

Spent some lovely time at the cinema this weekend. Armed with popcorn and a massive coke and having gone to the loo prior to entering the 2h and 20min movie, I was settled to see an action-packed adventure movie. And I was not disappointed! Tidal waves, underwater cities, plots to take over the throne by… Read more »

Avengers – Infinity War. With Spoilers.

Do not read this post if you have been living in a cave and did not watch Avengers: Infinity War (I). This post contains spoilers and comments and better be avoided if you want to enjoy the movie.

Oscars 2018 Movie List

Every year I do my best to watch every movie in the list nominated and create my own top 10 of who’s going to win. I fell in love with two movies this year. One was Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” and the second was “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”. I was pretty… Read more »

Why Atomic Blonde was not the Bomb

I wanted to see a chick John Wick and I was sooo disappointed! Charlize Theron does a mediocre accent in whatever language she is speaking in (German and British English too)! The movie is not the, “Hyper Retro 80’s Stylized Jane Wick” that the advertisement pitches. That’s about 10% of the movie. That part was… Read more »