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Ideal Traits In Men For Women

Ideal Traits In Men For Women What It Means In Reality Artistic Is able to find matching socks. Athletic Can get up to get his own seconds. Classy Puts back his Playboy in the hidden drawer. Communicates well Answers phone. Considerate Has learned to splatter less and leave seat up sometimes. Faithful Would let you… Read more »

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Thank you boobs!

I’ve been trying for a while to at least get to base one with my landlord who is attracted to the same sex… (not the same as mine though) and I have finally made some progress! Yes! I bought some t-shirts off of e-bay (pre-worn, pre-loved) and there was one with the Buffalo’s (I assume… Read more »

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Why do I like guys that are not available?

So here I am again, tortured and tormented by this devil called love. I know men and women can never be friends once they pass the intimacy barrier- ie: seeing each other naked, hearing a muffled fart here and there, getting hugs for coming home, calling an texting just because… Hey, I might be wrong,… Read more »