Wonder woman against the coke-sniffing Nazi general

Guess who’s been to see Wonder Woman late last night? After the massive hype surrounding the movie and seeing Wonder Woman (plus the costumes plastered all over Comic Con), I decided to see my favourite hero re-acted by Gal Gadot.

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The Girl on the Train * Or how spying on your ex can work for you!

Well, I think I’m pulling movie nights this week in a desperate attempt to feel like I’m paying for something (ie my Cineworld unlimited subscription). Seen Storks the day before yesterday and seen “The Girl on the Train” yesterday night. Based on the book with the same name which I haven’t read so far due to the hype (we all know about the Fifty Shades of Grey Hype – just because people are talking about it, it does not mean it’s any good). The movie blew my mind!

I haven’t seen Emily Blunt perform so well ever since The Edge of Tomorrow and I really hope she gets nominated or something (the Oscars are shitty but I hope she gets a Globe)

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How to recognize an idiot

There are a lot of sayings about idiots and stupidity. They are saying never to mess with one as they will beat you down with experience.


Or that stupidity has no boundaries – as opposed to intelligence. So the question arises: how do you spot the stupid ones? I made a list. It can be improved with your ideas (if you have any) and feel free to add to it so that we may better define them. Here, the examples are for a “he” but I invite the gentlemen to join in and tell me how can they spot a stupid woman.

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Anomalisa or how I spent my Friday night seeing a man’s midlife crisis

I went to the movies last night (again), mostly to erase the bad taste left after seeing “London has fallen” only to be hammered down with awkwardness. From an animated man. Who is going through his midlife crisis and cheats on his wife with a groupie *cough* Massive fan of his book. Groupie is for artists..


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What to do if someone stops talking to you…

It seems to happen to me more often than necessary. This one guy, whom I dearly cherish, gets cross with me. His anger grows as I get my happy ass in and out of a room, starting conversations and stepping on unseen toes.

He thinks his anger is justified. I don’t think the same. He stops talking to me.

Now, the wise thing to do is back off. Do not text him, do not engage him in any way.

I am NOT a smart person in that way. I believe if two people have an issue with each other, they should sit down and talk it out, find out the root of the issue and not let it sit in and fester into something ugly.

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If she asks you
If she asks you who I am, tell her. Tell her
because she is not starting a fire for an explanation but a confession.

If you tell her I was just a girl you dated
for a couple of years, she will only give you a hard time.
The hundreds of photos tagged in your outdated profile and the stack
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Monogamy doesn’t work. Or does it? #Trainwreck

I first heard of Amy Shumer when she decided to be a part of a celebrity roast (one hosted by my favourite guy Seth McFarlane) and I thought she was really crass. I soon forgot about her until I saw a trailer for Trainwreck which looked kinda funny.


Oh yeah, a new comedy on the map! Will it be witty, will it be funny, will it be breathtakingly sad like Love, Rosie and Jakie and Ryan?

So, I decided to prep myself by doing an Amy Shumer therapy by watching all the stand-up comedy videos I could find of her and it was funnnyyyy!! 🙂

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