Foo Fighters * The Pretender Lyrics

Sometimes you get this song stuck in your head. Earworms can be maddening—those songs that get stuck, playing over and over in your head.

When we listen to a song, it triggers a part of the brain called the auditory cortex. Researchers at Dartmouth University found that when they played part of a familiar song to research subjects, the participants’ auditory cortex automatically filled in the rest — in other words, their brains kept “singing” long after the song had ended. The only way to “scratch” brain itch is to repeat the song over and over in your mind. Unfortunately, like with mosquito bites, the more you scratch the more you itch, and so on until you’re stuck in an unending song cycle.

There are many other theories about why songs get stuck in our heads. Some researchers say stuck songs are like thoughts we’re trying to suppress. The harder we try not to think about them, the more we can’t help it. Other experts claim that earworms are simply a way to keep the brain busy when it’s idling. Just as there are many theories, there are many names for the phenomenon. It’s been called everything from “repetunitis” to “melodymania.”

This one is stuck with me right now 🙂

Even though the song was widely associated with political unrest and issues with the government, I think it’s also a great love song.
And since Valentine’s day is coming, I can tell you why: it’s a story about not being a conquest, about not giving in under the pressure and not doing what’s “expected” of you.
It’s about holding out for one true love and for the guy that is brave enough to come and fight for it. Be the great apple at the top of the tree. But hey, that’s just me.
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Hara * N-ai habar * You have no idea Love song

I was taking a trip down memory lane tonight, looking at pictures with my old crushes and the best times I had in Uni. I usually have a song that reminds me the most of one person. There is Metallica – Unforgiven for Razvan, Fort Minor – High Road for Calin, Linkin Park – Papercut for Voichita, Guns and Roses – November Rain for Dan.

And there is Hara – a Romanian band – singing N-ai habar (You have no idea) for Ovi. Ovi with his tall and broad frame. Ovi that could warm me up just by looking at me. Ovi that had filled many of my diaries’ pages. Ovi that fell in love with one of my friends while I still loved him. Ovi that I went camping with … and then went again with his girlfriend and another friend. Ovi and me shared a tent holding hands under the moonlight afraid of a bear… which proved to be nothing but the loud snores of the other guys we went with.

Ovi that shook hands with my dad and promised he would bring me back in one piece. I truly loved Ovi.

[Will add pics here of him so you know he’s not a figment of my imagination]

The song

Ce bine-mi amintesc acum
Erai ca ploaia fara nori
Si curcubeu ti-eram in drum
Peste flori…
Iti amintesti cumva de mine?
Eram ca focul fara fum
Si m-aprindeam doar pentru tine,
Dar acum…Refren1:
Acum imi spui ca n-am habar
Ca tot ce-i dulce-i si amar
Ca ce-a fost des e tot mai rar
N-am habar…
Sa beau si golul din pahar.
N-am habar…

Si lumea-ntreaga se topea
Cand ne priveam in ochi noi doi
Si soarele pe cer zambea
Pentru noi…

Si-acum imi spui ca n-am habar
Sa trag de sfori, sa dau din zar
Ca tot ce-i bun are hotar
N-am habar…
Sa-mi pun iubirea pe cantar.
N-am habar…

Haide, lasa-ma acum
Sa-ncerc sa te opresc din drum si
Nu-mi spune ‘dragostea e oarba‘.
Da, lasa-ti mana peste a mea
Si nu-ncerca sa spui ceva, nu
Nu vezi cum frica piere?
Cum inima te cere?
Nu vezi acum?

Dar eu iti spun ca n-ai habar
Sa-mi fii in noapte felinar
Ca tot ce-a fost nu-i in zadar
N-ai habar…

Pune-ma, pune-ma, pune pe jar
N-ai habar… (x5)

I can still see it now
You were like the cloudless rain
I was the rainbow in your way
Over the flowers…
Do you still remember me?
I was like the smokless fire
And I would come alight for you,
But now…Chorus:
Now you tell me I have no idea
That everything is sweet is also sour
That everything that was often is now rarer and rarer
I have no idea …
How to drink the emptiness from the glass
I have no idea…

And the entire world would melt
When we would look into each other’s eyes
And the sun would smile in the sky
Just for us…

And now you tell me I have no idea
How to pull the strings, how to throw the dice
That everything that’s good has limits
I have no idea…
How to weigh my love.
I have no idea…

Oh, come on, let me now
try to stop you in your tracks and
Don’t tell me that ‘love is blind‘.
Yes, leave your hand over mine
And don’t try to speak, no
Can’t you see how the fear dies away?
How the heart asks for you?
Can’t you see now?

But now I tell you you have no idea
How to be my lamp in the dark
That everything that was, was not pointless
You have no idea…

Set me, set me, on fire
You have no idea… (x5)

Basically a girl loves a boy and then the girl does not care for him anymore, accuses him of not understanding the world, of not being able to pull ropes and do things like other do (probably because he’s an artist). He chases her and reminds her of their love and time together. When she falls for him again, he sees that she could never be there for him as he was for her. In the end, she had no idea how to be his ideal woman.

Call me corny but this happens a lot. And I love the song. And even though I might not love Ovi anymore, everything that happened was not pointless.

Winter is coming – the Nie ma, nie ma ciebe song

Long ago I was in love with the music of Goran Bregović. I had listened to the White Cat, Black Cat soundtrack, Weddings and Funerals band and to the eerie voice of Kayah while playing StarCraft (I don’t usually like in-game music selections so I choose my own). Imagine me gathering minerals on folk music in a language I did not fully understand. I thought it was Bulgarian but I found out that it was actually Polish!

I was even more surprised when I learned the translation of my favourite song from the Bregović zone!
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Genocyber End Songs

OK, I am rattling though my stash of classic Anime and I have just finished the 1994 sci-fi Genocyber (it was a bit meh! but the end song lyrics were really nice.
hqdefault (1)

Title: Fairy Dreaming
Original Japanese: Fairy Dreamin’
From: End Theme of Genocyber
Lyrics By: Umizo
Vocals: Sayuri Shimizu
Composer: Umizo
Arranged By: Kazunori Ashizawa
Translation by: Marc

Japanese Romanized English Translation
“I want you and love you, fairy dreamin'” “I want you and love you, fairy dreamin'” “I want you and love you, fairy dreaming.”
眠れぬ夜 星を数え
Nemurenu yoru hoshi wo kazoe
Mou ichido dake anata wo yobu
On nights I can’t sleep I count stars,
And I call out to you just once more.
Zawameku machi ni kirameku
Maboroshi nichi no you na “midnight”
“Midnight,” like a phantom of blood,
Twinkles at a noisy town.
“here really”言えなかった
“here really” ienakatta
Taisetsuna chiisana uso
“Here really” I could not tell
A cherished little lie.
もう二度と夢は もう
Hitoyo no yume itoshii hito yo
Mou nidoto yume wa mou
Toki wo tomeru chikara nai no ni
Dream of one night, my beloved.
The dream will never again
Have the power to stop time.
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
Ima wo wasurenaide itai
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
I don’t want to forget this moment.
“I love you fairy dreaming.”
ああ 夢を見せて最後の夢を
“I love you so”
Ahh yume wo misete saigo no yume wo
Amai hakuya no maboroshi demo ima dake
“I love you so”
Oh show me that dream, that final dream,
Even the sweet vision of a sunlit night, just now
“I love you so.”
Ano hi kara dakishimeteta
Taisetsu na chiisana uso
A cherished little lie
That I’ve been holding since that day.
今なら伝えられる さよなら
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
Ima nara tsutaerareru sayonara
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
I can say good-bye if it’s now.
“I love you fairy dreaming.”

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