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What is love? In 10 easy answers

Love is: “An electric blanket with somebody else in control of the switch.” “The most fun you can have without laughing.” “Not made in heaven. It comes in little kits that you have to put together yourselves.” “Loving someone not for what they are but for who you are when you are with them.” “When… Read more »

Cute Valentine’s Day Poem

Out of all the people I’ve ever met, You’re the one who makes me draw Those silly little hearts on my papers. Be my’ve struck my awe

Eminescu – Dorinţa (Desire)

You probably know what day it was yesterday. Yep, 15th of January and I forgot to do what I do every year, which is on the anniversary of the death of the Greatest Romanian Poet, I pick a poem and translate it for you. Just so you remember, these are the last contenders from the… Read more »

What we want and what we don’t get

We want what we take to just be the simple stupidity of all the other people we’re not like at all, we want to freeze happiness, to make nice things permanent.

Say I love you

Sukitte Ii na yo Mei Tachibana was once a regular girl who enjoyed hanging out with her friends. But after a traumatic incident where all her so-called friends suddenly turned their backs on her, Mei’s idea of friendship changed forever. Even though I only feel warmth at those times, the moment I leave, I start… Read more »

Living life in constant happiness

As I lay laughing today at the latest gag from Family Guy, I realized something nice. I am an innately happy person. I am trying to remember the times where I was sad – like really sad. Depressed. Down. But the furthest I can go are times when I was desolated and downhearted and angry… Read more »