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Beautiful Lies / Best Love Letter

Emilie… I live for the joy of watching you. My eyes are my heart, my eyes are my lungs. If I close them when you pass, my whole body cries out for air. Emilie, you pass me at times without knowing… You cannot imagine my nervousness, my love, my gaze. I hate the people who… Read more »

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They – Poetry Submission

They won’t stop They keep on talking Swirling around the assurities of my mind Twisting every hopeful memory They’ve dug a hole and put me in. Oh the tortures of darkness I’m dying of starvation Save me from this hell. Clouds fill up with water, But drought engulfs the plains They are the enemy They… Read more »

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The art of kissing – Part 1

The dictionary says that a kiss is a “salute made by a touching with the lips pressed closely together and suddenly parting them. From this, it is quite obvious that, although a dictionary might know something about words.. is does not know anything about kissing. If we are to get to the real meaning of… Read more »