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Winter is coming – the Nie ma, nie ma ciebe song

Long ago I was in love with the music of Goran Bregović. I had listened to the White Cat, Black Cat soundtrack, Weddings and Funerals band and to the eerie voice of Kayah while playing StarCraft (I don’t usually like in-game music selections so I choose my own). Imagine me gathering minerals on folk music… Read more »

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Inside a Gypsy Home

This is the life of the people not paying tax “Gypsy Interiors”is a series of portraits capturing the private world of these outwardly loud, vivacious people. Here he finds a rich and profound intimacy, hidden but exhibited among antique furniture, tapestries, paintings, religious images, china, staircases and mirrors, set into large rooms or sometimes minimized… Read more »

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I’ve read a few articles recently about the French asking to have the gypsies returned to their origin country (ie. Romania) and even giving them money to do so. Are they fecking stupid? Giving money to a gypsy for not doing anything other than existing is equal to showing a man a pot of gold… Read more »