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I love Bioshock Infinite

Concept artist Ben Lo was kind enough to share with us some of the concept art he created for BioShock Infinite. Ben created many environment designs including early concepts for the district area of Finkton. To see more great concept art and illustrations from the guys at Irrational Games make sure to check out The… Read more »

50 Shades of Grey Drinking Game

Just finished reading the highly enjoyable 50 Shades of Grey and I have come up with a drinking game for the ladies who want to read it again or who are reading it right now. Anastasia Brings up her inner goddess – 1 drink Her inner goddess watches her over half-moon specs 1 drink Anastasia… Read more »

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Best Game Couple (Final Fantasy VIII – Rinoa & Squall)

If you have ever played Final Fantasy VIII you know there is in there a heart warming romance between our anti-hero Squall and the lovely and bubbly Rinoa. These couples loved the characters so much, they decided to do a bit of cosplay, also including bad-ass Seifer and Squall’s enemy in the mix:

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The Fluffy Bunny Game

Fluffy Bunnies – the Game Fluffy bunnies is a game, which is usually played at teenage parties, but anyone can play. The idea is to see how many marshmallows a person can fit in his or her mouth. If just shoving marshmallows into one’s mouth isn’t bad enough, another idea behind fluffy bunnies is that… Read more »

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Black and White

Went through my gaming bundle this weekend and guess what I’ve found – Black and White. The original. Not Pokemon, but a game so simple as it was hard. In this game, you play a god (cow god, wolf god, monkey god). It makes you ask yourself – Who do you want to be? Do… Read more »