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Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within Wallpapers

Earth, 2065 A.D.: Destruction and confusion are everywhere. Cities are deserted, the population is decimated, and the few humans who remain struggle to survive against an insidious alien presence that is consuming the very life energy of this wounded world. The presence is spreading across the planet, infecting everything in its path, killing the Earth… Read more »

Squaresoft Past and Future

If I were asked what my favorite game company was, the answer would be simple: Squaresoft. Squaresoft has given me more gaming memories than any other company around, from the first Final Fantasy game I ever played eleven years ago on a Gameboy to Xenogears, whose deep story line will stay with me always. So… Read more »

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Best Game Couple (Final Fantasy VIII – Rinoa & Squall)

If you have ever played Final Fantasy VIII you know there is in there a heart warming romance between our anti-hero Squall and the lovely and bubbly Rinoa. These couples loved the characters so much, they decided to do a bit of cosplay, also including bad-ass Seifer and Squall’s enemy in the mix:

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Cloud’s Reaction to Aerith’s Death

Some people claim that Cloud shows little or no grief at the time of Aerith’s death. The symptoms of grief as given at a website which cites an article on grief by the American Medical Association will be used to examine whether or not Cloud actually showed grief at the time of her death. *… Read more »