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Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Man

There are certain qualities found in some guys that can reveal a lot about their character. Fortunately, these particular qualities or habits prove helpful to a woman when she is debating whether to go out with him or stay home to wash and condition her hair. 1. He has a habit of lying. Whether a… Read more »

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Soft and Sensitive or Hot And Sexy?

Let’s say you are looking to date again and you are offered with two options – one – a delicate, sensitive man, in touch with his innermost feelings, who is likely to compliment your eyes and your dress, talk about the stars and the moon and how your eyes outshine them all. On the other… Read more »

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Blind Date

I decided that I was not going anywhere with my little cute gay landlord so I decided to go out with a guy I’ve never seen before. Except online. Partially naked. Really hot. He pulled up in a posh car, gave me a kiss and a cuddle and we had a reaaaally good time. Problem… Read more »