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Planet Of The Apes – Human War covers

In 2001, acclaimed director Tim Burton released a new version of Planet of the Apes. This version was an entirely new movie rather than a remake. It failed to find its audience, but the comics were a different matter.

Comics to read in a lifetime

I read Y: The Last man and I found myself searching for something new to read. Sandman -The embodiment of dream is captured and then escapes after many years. Epic by Neil Gaiman. Landmark series Fables – all those stories are true and those characters have fled their worlds and are hiding in New York… Read more »

Penny Dreadful Comics

I’ve ran across these as it has nearly been 6 months since I’ve seen the last of the show and I’m going through some Supernatural & Penny Dreadful withdrawal. I loved the speeches, Penny dreadful – My Scars are my own and Penny Dreadful season 3 ep 1 – Best character description ever and when I saw the comics,… Read more »

Captain Hunk vs Emo Iron Man in Civil War

I managed to book two seats for me and my friend for the newest installment in the Marvel Universe which brought together Spiderman, AntMan, Iron-Man, Captain America, The Sexy Black Widow, The tormented Winter Soldier, and.. and.. so many more … and also to my massive surprise, Nikki Lauda from “Rush” – Daniel Brühl. After… Read more »

The two guys are giving up women for life * Joke

These two guys had just gotten divorced and they swore they would never have anything to do with women again. They were best friends and they decided to move up to Alaska as far north as they could go and never look at a woman again. They got up there and went into a trader’s… Read more »

Cosplay Sideboobs

As I’ve survived through three ComicCon’s – two in London and one here in Northampton (of dubious quality too), I must say I saw a trend in the costumes that the UK people prefer compared to the ones that Americans favour. UK are more of traditionalists, Star Wars fans, fully suited and booted. US and… Read more »

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Avengers – Age of Ultron

Somebody please give this guy an Oscar: Everyone creates the thing they fear. Men of peace create engines of war. Avengers create invaders. Parents create children, that will supplant them.