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Why I think Bucharest is worse than Cluj

Decided to do a city break in Bucharest this weekend and had a few surprises along the way.  I’ll go in order so you feel what I’m saying! The maps are odd (old) Downloaded a few places I could go and visit on my trip and from Google Maps, everything seemed really far away from… Read more »

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Cluj-Napoca on Christmas 2014

Even though it has not snowed this year, the city still looks so lovely! I have managed to meet all my friends and lovers and spent some quality time with my friends. Below you can see a few shots of the foods we love to eat at our gatherings:    

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Spring time in Cluj-Napoca

It was a wonderful Ester break and the first thing I did last Friday was jump on the plane and go and see my folks. There were tears of joy, loads of good food (I think I need to go to the gym every day for the next 6 months to work out the cakes… Read more »

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Easter in Romania

For the first time in a few years, the Catholic and the Orthodox Easter fall on the same dates (usually there is a two weeks delay for the Orthodox one). So I thought I would share a normal day on Easter for a Romanian. You get up at 11:30 PM on a Saturday to go… Read more »

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Cluj-Napoca from an Aerial Shot

Whenever my coworkers ask me about my country or where I come from I know what they want to hear – the ugly facts – poverty, gypsies, thief stories and general complaints. They think of Romania like it’s a third world country and I should show my eternal gratitude for walking on English grounds, ’cause… Read more »

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Why Romania is Beautiful

Following yesterday’s display of winter weather, I thought that people might get the idea that Romania is all gloom and destruction. It’s not. It’s got awesome rural areas, amazing mountain scapes (great for taking your dirt bike on a run) and it’s so far behind on civilization it feels like you travel back in time… Read more »

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1st of December Fireworks

Romania is celebrating its independence day in the 1st of December and the nice part is, that this year, even though I have been almost falling off from tiredness, I was able to experience the military parade and the fireworks. The best shots are below:

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The epitome of boredom.

I was cornered. The glistening eyes, watery and needy, looking straight at me. It was my grandma who was looking for entertainment in the nearest shopping mall. With her best friend. Both of them over 70. And I was cornered into driving them there because … well, it was Saturday and hell, I don’t have… Read more »