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Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Easter

10. You absolutely love the movie, “The Ten Commandments”. 9. You look really, really good in yellow. 8. You just went on a low cholesterol diet and didn’t want to waste all those eggs in the fridge. 7. You figure any Holiday that starts with a “Good Friday” can’t be all bad. 6. You love to bite the heads off… Read more »

Cute Easter Story

Emma and Tony thought they would give their toddlers a special Easter egg hunt.  Firstly, Emma hit upon the idea of sprinkling talc on the wooden floor, then using the bunny footprints, they created a trail in the talcum powder. In the lounge Tony not only placed carrots at strategic points, but also gnawed them… Read more »

Happy Easter Quotes for Easter 2017

Here are the best funny Easter quotes to add the light and humor to your celebrations. In this special day, all the Christians engage in exchanging the gifts with the dear ones as tokens of happiness and prosperity. It will be the fun time for little kids and parents, so in that occasion use, those… Read more »

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The Fluffy Bunny Game

Fluffy Bunnies – the Game Fluffy bunnies is a game, which is usually played at teenage parties, but anyone can play. The idea is to see how many marshmallows a person can fit in his or her mouth. If just shoving marshmallows into one’s mouth isn’t bad enough, another idea behind fluffy bunnies is that… Read more »