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Why I won’t get married

I’ll be turning 34 in a couple of months and I am faced with the same problems I had at 30. I knew back Then I would not get hitched and carry someone’s name. I’m still single and I’m actually loving it. I wake up when I want, I go to bed when I want…. Read more »

XXX – Xander Cage should have stayed retired

I usually start disliking a movie when the credits sequence is over 1 minute long. This movie has a VERY long credits sequence BEFORE the movie and you should see the one after the movie… I started rolling my eyes and looking at the watch as the director’s name kept on flashing on the screen,… Read more »

Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you A Single Parents Life ! I have been watching you and you have been watching me!  I gladly accept the award and nominate a few other people :)) What is a Mystery Blogger Award? “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates…. Read more »

Climbing Ben Nevis, a Noob’s guide

I’ve decided to stop living my same old life, doing the same old things and seeing the same old people. So I did something about it. I went out of my comfort zone, bought a tent, a sleeping bag, an inflatable mattress and booked three days at the bottom of the biggest mountain in the… Read more »

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Should I? Or shouldn’t I?

At least, this is how I feel now. I’ve fallen again! I’ve been keeping my distance on purpose from my little gay friend. He has a boyfriend now, he’s very much in love – and everytime I see him, he’s absolutely shining from happiness. I can’t ruin that – otherwise I will hate myself for… Read more »

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I've seen better days…

I have everything I need. I’m in love but I’m hiding it like a pro. I have been blessed with good friends, supporting family and last but not least, a healthy body and a mind that will never stop searching. I found that love can go over all sorts of barriers, from gender to age… Read more »

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Did you say domestic dispute?

I have been having a great week so far and it’s all thanks to my landlord. I know last time I was saying that I was kinda developing a crush on him… well… I did something bold. I told him I wanted to … hmmm.. how should I say this without getting offensive… I wanted… Read more »

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Deep Story

I’ve recently run across this beautiful story by Andy Weir on GalactaNet so I decided to share it with you. I was truly amazed that so much wisdom could be gathered in just a few paragraphs… I felt kinda sad when it ended. I wanted to know how the life of a Chinese woman in 540AD would have… Read more »