Say I love you

Sukitte Ii na yo

Mei Tachibana was once a regular girl who enjoyed hanging out with her friends. But after a traumatic incident where all her so-called friends suddenly turned their backs on her, Mei’s idea of friendship changed forever.

Even though I only feel warmth at those times, the moment I leave, I start to get cold again, and I fear that even my heart will turn to ice

In order to stop herself from ever going through the same awful experience again, she decides to stay away from people as much as possible, and ideally, to never make any friends ever again. Continue reading “Say I love you”

Why some Anime never gets old and how it relates to today’s political rulers

Ages ago, I watched 12 Kingdoms and I found myself thinking about it almost on a daily basis – well, ever since the presidential debate for the US chair turned to groping and tantrums. So I asked myself, “What makes a good ruler?”

So I set this weekend aside to answer just this question. I binge-watched the 45 episodes (even the fillers) and I think my curiosity has been satisfied – to a point. Continue reading “Why some Anime never gets old and how it relates to today’s political rulers”

Hellsing – Best closing monologue of a villain- OVA ep 10

As he lay there dying, he came up with a fantastic monologue, showing his inner torment, his desire to beat Alucard and his undying obsession with immortality and vampires. Purely amazing.

Every human in the world will not know of us

Every human in the world will forget about us

So now we only need ourselves.

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Cosplay Sideboobs

As I’ve survived through three ComicCon’s – two in London and one here in Northampton (of dubious quality too), I must say I saw a trend in the costumes that the UK people prefer compared to the ones that Americans favour. UK are more of traditionalists, Star Wars fans, fully suited and booted.

US and Japan like to try out more sexual character and the bigger the boobs, the better! Continue reading “Cosplay Sideboobs”

Genocyber End Songs

OK, I am rattling though my stash of classic Anime and I have just finished the 1994 sci-fi Genocyber (it was a bit meh! but the end song lyrics were really nice.
hqdefault (1)

Title: Fairy Dreaming
Original Japanese: Fairy Dreamin’
From: End Theme of Genocyber
Lyrics By: Umizo
Vocals: Sayuri Shimizu
Composer: Umizo
Arranged By: Kazunori Ashizawa
Translation by: Marc

Japanese Romanized English Translation
“I want you and love you, fairy dreamin'” “I want you and love you, fairy dreamin'” “I want you and love you, fairy dreaming.”
眠れぬ夜 星を数え
Nemurenu yoru hoshi wo kazoe
Mou ichido dake anata wo yobu
On nights I can’t sleep I count stars,
And I call out to you just once more.
Zawameku machi ni kirameku
Maboroshi nichi no you na “midnight”
“Midnight,” like a phantom of blood,
Twinkles at a noisy town.
“here really”言えなかった
“here really” ienakatta
Taisetsuna chiisana uso
“Here really” I could not tell
A cherished little lie.
もう二度と夢は もう
Hitoyo no yume itoshii hito yo
Mou nidoto yume wa mou
Toki wo tomeru chikara nai no ni
Dream of one night, my beloved.
The dream will never again
Have the power to stop time.
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
Ima wo wasurenaide itai
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
I don’t want to forget this moment.
“I love you fairy dreaming.”
ああ 夢を見せて最後の夢を
“I love you so”
Ahh yume wo misete saigo no yume wo
Amai hakuya no maboroshi demo ima dake
“I love you so”
Oh show me that dream, that final dream,
Even the sweet vision of a sunlit night, just now
“I love you so.”
Ano hi kara dakishimeteta
Taisetsu na chiisana uso
A cherished little lie
That I’ve been holding since that day.
今なら伝えられる さよなら
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
Ima nara tsutaerareru sayonara
“I love you fairy dreamin'”
I can say good-bye if it’s now.
“I love you fairy dreaming.”

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Psycho Pass Anime

Just finished watching Psycho Pass and I must say it’s the best Anime set in the future that I’ve seen so far (not counting Neo Genesis Evanghelion, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Stein’s Gate).

I loved the tech gadgets, the avatars, the new re-imaging of crime-scene robots and the entire show premise: a future where criminals could be detected by changes in their aura (cyamatic scans) and latent criminals could be identified and treated before they create any serious damage.

Psycho-Pass.Shinya-Kogami-iPhone-4-wallpaper.Shogo-Makishima.640x960The investigators are assisted by enforcers, people with a high psycho-pass, latent criminals which are used to flush out criminals (think like a dog, become the dog)…

Animation is marvelous, the villains make sense and are easy to feel sympathy for and best of all, the moral problem of killing someone is always debated in the truest of its forms – Is it right? Is it right to kill a murderer? What is justice?

Btw, the hero and the villain are gorgeous 🙂


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