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Christmas in the hood!

Guess who rolled up? Big S with the D rolled up Girls jockin so the G’s loc up, know what, Santa ain’t playin that stuff See, Santa steady ridin on them scrubs for Xmas Sleigh stay flyin on them dubbs and switches

What the hell did I watch? The killing of the sacred deer.

I saw a movie advertised starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell and I went in blind. I did not watch the trailer, I did not read the reviews, I did however have a peek at the 8.1 rating on IMDB and I sighed happily. I was in for a good movie. “Sacred Deer” stars Colin Farrell as… Read more »

Lessons learned from BoJack Horseman

I really, really like this show. I binge-watched the whole 4 seasons on Netflix (the second time around) as the first time I tried to watch them I just couldn’t go into it. I was like “Whaaaaat? A show about a horse in a world where cats were agents? Somebody must have been high when… Read more »

Dumbest things heard by Miss America contestants

Amidst the pressure to win the crown and the hustle-bustle of the days spent preparing for it, there are bound to be some mess-ups. Here are some of the most hilarious and rather shocking answers that pageant contestants gave. Some of them will make you say “WTF?!” 1) The Face of Hawaii! Nadine Tanega, Miss… Read more »

Wonder woman against the coke-sniffing Nazi general

Guess who’s been to see Wonder Woman late last night? After the massive hype surrounding the movie and seeing Wonder Woman (plus the costumes plastered all over Comic Con), I decided to see my favourite hero re-acted by Gal Gadot.

Best moments from the Oscars 2016

I watched the Oscars last night and I must say I found some of the moments cringe-worthy. Like people appearing on stage for comedic effect and no laughs ensuing… or jokes with no reaction… or black history puns or #OscarsSoWhite jokes. Cringeee! Best moments for me was the Danish Girl with the black actor (sorry,… Read more »

Bad Grandpa. Dirty Grandpa. Stop it already!

There seems to be an increase in movies where A-list celebrities go senile in their old-age and accept to do C-rated movies to get a few pennies in the bank. Adam Sandler does it every year. Meryl Streep played an ageing mother with a Rock Star twist in Ricki and the Flash.  Morgan Freeman did… Read more »

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End of the World Joke

So God brings Obama, Sarkozy and Bill Gates to his office and says “Men, I’ve decided to bring an end to the world this Thursday — I want you to go back and tell your people.” Upon his return, Obama holds a press conference and says “People of America, I have good news and bad news. The good news… Read more »