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Princess Leia – Golden Bikini Cosplay

Since the new Star Wars is coming out soon, I decided to re-watch the old classics and then the new ones. As I was watching the Episode IV and hearing the most famous quotes like: These are not the droids you’re looking for And Arrrr aaaarrrh (Chewie) I started looking at Princess Leia a lot…. Read more »

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Who said pole dancing was for women only?

Pole Dancing used to be associated only with night clubs where dancers were performing striptease. For a few years, it has become a rage in the world of fitness. And, you can not only burn about 600 kcal during a class, but also helps to tone your muscles with the only use of your body… Read more »

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Neville Longbottom, you may spank my round bottom

Neville Longbottom Syndrome (noun)-when a male actor who was not known for their good looks in their youth, wakes up one morning and is smoking hot. This syndrome can strike at any second and often times takes the world by surprise. Symptoms include magazines suddenly writing articles about the victim, flocks of screaming girls tracking… Read more »

Max Max Fury Road – The Blood Donation Run

Gosh darn it, Hollywood, if you want more people to donate blood to the Red Cross, you should have just said so! Instead, we learned from the man of few words, Tom Hardy, that you can still look cool and save a few lives by shedding some blood. Either voluntary or not.

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The Hanging Tree (Hunger Games / Mockingjay Arrangement)

In the Hunger Games movie (Mockingjay Part 1), the rebels from District 2 sing “The Hanging Tree” while they’re mobilizing towards the hydroelectric dam — which it supports the power in The Capitol — started by Katniss. Beetee, supposed that it may inspire other rebels to fight against The Capitol, broadcasts the song throughout all… Read more »