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1917 or the story of Sam and Frodo retold

For anyone who’s a fan of Lord of the Rings, it is known that the story was mostly inspired by Tolkien’s days in the war. Lord of the Rings tells a tale that the strong friendships become stronger in the face of adversity and can last a life time. That delivering important items can sometimes… Read more »

Robin Hoodie – Or the story of a guy with no Merry Men

I saw a mess of a movie last night and the trouble is – I was really looking forward to it. Having had a budget over $100 millions, I was expecting something pretty amazing but instead I got an action movie with a terrible script. And I wish the script was the only issue! The… Read more »

Kong is King around here! 10 Reasons why I loved this movie!

I loved Kong! Much more than “Logan”. Feel free to throw the rotten tomatoes at me but I didn’t feel any of the XMen excitement when watching the latest installment in the series. It was more like a family drama than like a proper action packed installment. I get it, Logan is not coming back,… Read more »


Guess who saw “Legend” last night? I love Tom Hardy and I loved him in the dog movie (with the dog who dies), “Lawless” as a contraband booze dealer, the “Child 44” soviet drama, the “Mad Max” blood run, “Bane” – The Batman sequel and I figured out I would love this movie as it… Read more »

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Stage Set and Action!

So here I am on a Friday afternoon, thinking I haven’t shared much of myself with the online world lately. But why should I? Why would somebody on the other end of the world be interested in what I’m doing in my day to day life? What I like, what I don’t  – what gets… Read more »