1917 or the story of Sam and Frodo retold

For anyone who’s a fan of Lord of the Rings, it is known that the story was mostly inspired by Tolkien’s days in the war. Lord of the Rings tells a tale that the strong friendships become stronger in the face of adversity and can last a life time. That delivering important items can sometimes make the difference between life and death. And that doing your duty is honour above all.

And when I finally went to see the movie who snatched Best Picture at the Golden Globes, I was absolutely in awe. The movie is wonderfully shot, with panning views that show both the beauty of the French countryside as well as the death and destruction that comes from the ongoing war. And I could not help myself from thinking that Lance Corporal Blake and Lance Corporal Schofield were like Sam and Frodo, sent into the wilderness and dangers of Mordor to deliver another Ring.


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Robin Hoodie – Or the story of a guy with no Merry Men

I saw a mess of a movie last night and the trouble is – I was really looking forward to it. Having had a budget over $100 millions, I was expecting something pretty amazing but instead I got an action movie with a terrible script. And I wish the script was the only issue! The acting was filled with one-liners and the action around it was done only to set up those one-liners. he costumes looked like they’ve been made at Primark and not only were they really cheap looking, they weren’t even period appropriate.


Robin-Hood-Movie-Poster-2Quilted jackets, denim, hoodies by the truckload and what really, really pissed me off a little, they tried to make Robin Hood like Assassin’s Creed. I read afterwards that the costumes were designed like this on request. 1/3 period appropriate, 1/3 contemporary, 1/3 futuristic – to give the movie a “unique” vibe. It was “unique” – definitely “unique”. A mix between the costumes of The Capitol in Hunger Games (during the gala) and The Wastelands.

And Hoodies. By God, Robin Hood never had a Hoodie!! It would deter his side vision when shooting arrows!

Little John: You’re not Robin of Loxley anymore. You are the Hood.

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Kong is King around here! 10 Reasons why I loved this movie!

I loved Kong! Much more than “Logan”. Feel free to throw the rotten tomatoes at me but I didn’t feel any of the XMen excitement when watching the latest installment in the series. It was more like a family drama than like a proper action packed installment. I get it, Logan is not coming back, those stones at the grave will no longer move and that cheesy X sign will guard his body forever. And THANK YOU Marvel for not giving us a freaking end credit. Waited 3 minutes for it and nothing happened! Even Kong had some amazing end credits forshadowing the Godzilla movie coming 2020.

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi or the true story of how 5 guys fought off an army

I should have known. I can usually tell if a movie has the lens flare, the kaboom and the massive bangs that usually identify Michael Bay. But I got sidetracked. There were no robots in this movie. It’s based on a real story and the dead count should have been Quentin Tarantino-style.
Now, I am really bad with names so I shall describe the movie using no names.
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Guess who saw “Legend” last night? I love Tom Hardy and I loved him in the dog movie (with the dog who dies), “Lawless” as a contraband booze dealer, the “Child 44” soviet drama, the “Mad Max” blood run, “Bane” – The Batman sequel and I figured out I would love this movie as it had not one but two Tom Hardy’s.

His acting was brilliant but the movie was shit. Sorry to put it out so bluntly but there was hardly any conquering of London going on. I mean yea, they got owning a few clubs and they made their money part legit, part extortion but it does not make them bad, just savvy businessmen.


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Stage Set and Action!

So here I am on a Friday afternoon, thinking I haven’t shared much of myself with the online world lately. But why should I? Why would somebody on the other end of the world be interested in what I’m doing in my day to day life? What I like, what I don’t  – what gets me laughing, what makes me sad?

It feels like an intimate part of yourself is set up for display, a showcase of your innermost self, a hologram made up of pieces of you, looking like a Picasso painting. heh. But I do want to shout out to the set “Action!”. I do want to see events unfold caused by my words or actions. I want to be a director in my life and not just an actor.

So, I’ve been going through the motions, setting up the scene – and voila! The latest and improved stage set. Nothing like the set from Dogville.

For all the people who don’t know what Dogville is, it’s a movie made by Lars von Trier in 2003, before the hype with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, before Melancholia. It stars Nicole Kidman (when she was still hot and had facial expressions) and the entire set is made up from chalk drawings. Yes, no stage props. Talk about small budget. Well, hey, the acting makes the movie, not the extra fantastic special effects.

So, my set is a bit more lively than this and it features all the people I know (either directly, or by association).  The play has one act for every stage of my life and the lines are lively.

I am the casting producer, the lead actor, the supporting role, the lights person and the sound engineer. There are no double-takes. The filming and distribution happens in real-time. Everybody is invited to watch but only a few tune in. Hey, it’s not that exciting yet, but it will definitely be later on. There will be a long journey where the lead will discover a lost secret, there’s gonna be love and romance, a hunky main man, loads of love making in candle light, a parting, tears and depression (but not as bad as New Moon) and there’ll be more journeys to be had – each leading me closer to my destiny.

Nothing’s gonna happen if I stay put and hidden away from the world. I may be a private person, but being private keeps me away from adventure, mishaps, thrills and joys. Did you ever feel that the roller-coaster ride was awesome when watching it from the couch? Nope. You went on it and rid it. And man it’s fun screaming your lungs off, throwing up everything you’ve eaten afterwards and then riding it again.