My Life in Pictures

I was the product of a torrid love story that ended up in a wedding (not by my mom’s desire as she was absolutely ready to raise me on her own). So, the first picture of me is during my parent’s wedding in August 1983) 🙂

I was really loved ever since I came on board and I have been shown around places and people! I had two young aunts who loved to dress me up, my grandpa and grandma from my father’s side were head over heels in love with their first granddaughter and well, even the chicks loved me 🙂 My parents moved shortly after in a small apartment in Cluj-Napoca where I grew up in a hurry.

In 1987 I went to kindergarten and I loved it so much because they had a lot more toys there than I had at home. I actually cried when my parents came at the end of the day to take me home. I ran away from kindergarten once to get home before my parents did and went over a road and a railway and caused a small heart attack for the woman taking care of me. I also called one of the teachers there a cow ’cause she made us sleep in the afternoon. Yeah, I was a bad-ass.

Then I went to the local school. My mom believed in a short hair for little hassle so yeah, I looked like a boy until I was 14. (Actually, until I was 12 when my boobs grew suddenly). This is me in my 4th grade (second from the left) during a school festival.

Had my first kiss with the guy I had a crush on during my 14th birthday party and yes, it was on camera! And no, he wasn’t my boyfriend, and no, we never ever dated afterwards. I had a goofy smile on for days afterwards.

So, I went to highschool in the next year and let my hair grow like a proper woman. I absolutely hated my 4 years spent with that bunch and yes, I was an awkward teenager. Compared to the large group of friends I had in middle school, I found myself in monkey high. Everybody arguing with each other, cliques and groups and yes, poop throwers. I’m amazed I survived. I still have nightmares of that time, thinking I’m still there, that my college did not count for anything and I have to redo highschool in order to get my diploma once more. This is my graduation photo! (best there is)

My 18th birthday was awesome! I invited all my friends and when I noticed that I knew no boys, asked one of the more “wordly” girls to invite her gang and it was a hell of a party afterwards! Here’s a pic with my BFFs and the guy they both loved (no, I did not have a crush on him) and I think it’s pretty visible whom he liked! 🙂

Went to college afterwards – 2 of them at the same time (Computer Science and Economy) and I could breathe again! I got to know so many people but my busy schedule kinda made it impossible to have a serious relationship with a male counterpart. Made some good friends though!

Died my hair orange when I turned 20 and went with my folks to the seaside (yes, still no boyfriend in sight)(2002)

Finished college and got a job as a junior developer!

And as I got more mmm… jumpy about the boyfriend issue, I went about and hooked a decent looking guy that was to become my first guy (if you know what I mean). I wanted a guy who would be nice and tender and good to me and sensitive to my feelings and I got just the guy. After 10 months though (and him proposing), I dumped him as he was too sensitive and a virtual momma’s boy (and a wuss). It was good while it lasted though and we went and visited most of Romania and a bit of Greece.

In 2007 I got an interview for a developer job in United Kingdom and I flew there and made a few friends and then worked there until last year. I had loads of fun and managed to see a lot of places in the area! Went up to Scotland and down to Stonehenge, got into gothic dresses, visited Europe backwards and forwards and had the fun of my life. And yes, I had finally fallen in love.

That did not last long. We split up after I caught him cheating on me with a Bulgarian. How I knew? She followed me on twitter and her  profile picture, in her glasses, you can see a reflection of the guy I was then seeing. Hey, at least they look happy together. No, seriously – he wasn’t good for me. I know it now in my wisest years.



I moved to Northampton in 2013 with my new job and after a few months, I moved in with a gay landlord and a lovely indian girl and we have tons of fun going out. I’ve kinda fallen for him ’cause he’s really hot and kind and considerate and well, he kinda loves me too – even though I’m a woman and he prefers men. He tells me all the time and we have loads of jokes just the two of us share. We’ve gone to a gay bar, straight bar, As One in the Park and we get along so well that sometimes we think we should get married and be a very unconventional couple.

Blakie, me and Alicia

Blakie, me and Alicia at The Boston in Northampton


Blakie tending to the bonsais