My Life In Friends

Moving to a new place (a new country, a new culture) always brings on a little set of changes in your friends list. While I still have my beautiful set of girlfriends in Romania, I now have two (!) new bffs in England. I am always of the opinion that your closest friends should be counted on the fingers of a single hand (meaning that you should not have more than five) (or six – if you are related to Ann Boleyn)

I’ve changed a lot but my tastes in people are the same. They need to be friendly, open, honest and with a strong backbone. No shifty eyes, no undisclosed desires, no set of psychological markings coming from a “tortured” life as a child or teenager. I’m not discriminating in either way but I did find out that people that come from families with no ethics (either married multiple partners, or that tend to abandon their young) – leave such a mark through their bad behavior that their offspring are often lacking in the trust department and have abandonment issues. Meaning that you will always walk on eggshells around them in fear of not hurting them.

Being clumsy as I am, I would definitely cause some emotional havoc just by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Now back to who I found:

Blakie, me and Alicia

PS: 5 years on and I still love these two! I recently got my British Citizenship and they were there to party with me!

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