Tabby and Shiro

Traveling through customs, flying on a monthly basis, missing home for weeks, I would have thought I had no time for cats anymore. But I could not resist an ad I saw online for three kittens. I got them all and took them to work with me so they would not feel lonely during daytime. In three months I moved again and these cats found their way to my parent’s house. In a week, one of the cute fuzzballs was stolen and the white one almost disappeared as well as a kid was carrying it down the street. It’s a good thing it got noticed and now it’s nice and big and in my yard.

Due to the fact that it’s white, you can see it for miles and see exactly how big his territory is. Also, his fur is the preferred towel for some local mechanics that think it’s a fun thing to turn a white cat black. 🙂

Pics below!

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