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A few more pics from Tobago and advice to travellers

Well, I have finally returned to rainy England and I must say I loved Tobago! It’s sunny, it’s cheap (if you know how to avoid the sharks) and the people are friendly as hell! Maybe a bit too friendly for my cold soul. I went through the town initially with a taxi and then risked… Read more »

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Revolutionary Romania – The painting

There is one painting in the Bucharest National Museum of Art which I still think about, a few months after my visit there. It’s a painting of a woman, leading a revolution.. It’s a painting of Maria Rosetti (the wife of his best friend C.A. Rosetti), wearing a folk costume. You can see the tri-color… Read more »

Hellsing – Best closing monologue of a villain- OVA ep 10

As he lay there dying, he came up with a fantastic monologue, showing his inner torment, his desire to beat Alucard and his undying obsession with immortality and vampires. Purely amazing. Every human in the world will not know of us Every human in the world will forget about us So now we only need… Read more »

Motivation for today

We need to love ourselves first in all of our glory and imperfections – John Lennon Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]