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Are you tired of Sleep Talking?

Sleep Talking can be dangerous. Whether you’re the boyfriend or the girlfriend, if you whisper the wrong name, you can find yourself in deep trouble! Even worse if you whisper your SO’s name and you keep talking about everything that annoyed you about them during the day.

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A reminder about privacy

Computer science, in essence, is about the processing and storage of information. But we need to also consider not just what we can do, but whether we should do it. For example, we use passwords to protect many of our accounts and data, but the top 10 passwords are just: 123456 123456789 qwerty password 111111 12345678 abc123 1234567 password1… Read more »

Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur

I watched a movie this weekend – French, 2018 – about a serial killer that would target Gay people who appeared in cheap pornos. Badly acted, filled with absolutely forgettable characters (both the actual movie and the movie within the movie), it did offer one good insight. When the leading lady fails to seduce the… Read more »

Judah – BoJack Horseman – sings for Princess Carolyn

Guess who’s hooked on the new season of BoJack Horseman? While I think I’ll make a later post discussing the views of “toxic masculinity” and “Hollywood media accusing established actors for past transgressions” another time, there was a scene in the new season which absolutely blew me out of the water. One of my role-models… Read more »