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Missing Patrick Swayze

He was a very talented actor and last night, I got back home with a desire to see Point Break (you know the movie, the one with the surfers, and Keanu Reeves, and the bank robbers). I was just thinking how great his acting skills were. So I had a dig around the web and… Read more »

Cute Baby Photos – Part 2 – The Sleeping Angels

I have a thing with Baby Photos. Even wrote a post about them. But these… these are new born! First few precious shots of one’s life. They should be made by a good photographer (don’t know any personally but if you do, feel free to add them in the Comments section below). Click to rate… Read more »

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Best Rooms I’ve Seen

I do travel a lot and I’ve seen this on a website advertising a vacation abroad. Unfortunately, the pictures had nothing to do with the location itself – which was Egypt. If anyone should know where these were taken, please step in front and raise your voice. Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average:… Read more »

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Shaiya light and darkness

There is a game I’ve always wanted to play because of the promotional graphics. I had the chance to try it out and I think I’d better stick with the lovely wallpapers. Either I suck at it or the advertising is misleading. Hmm, looking at it again, I really do love the graphics. Which one… Read more »

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1st of December Fireworks

Romania is celebrating its independence day in the 1st of December and the nice part is, that this year, even though I have been almost falling off from tiredness, I was able to experience the military parade and the fireworks. The best shots are below: Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

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Cute Babies

Because Christmas is coming and all the people I know (including myself) like to cuddle in front of a warm fire and watch cute things, here I am fulfilling a need. Loads of babies with inspirational quotes. Like: My mind is like a parachute…it functions only when open. The pursuit of happiness is the chase… Read more »

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Wisbech, Fenland

For those of you who’ve never been to England, the Fenlands are lands that over the last 1000 years were recovered from the sea. Marshes that have been drained out and flooded and drained out again. I’ve recently started reading “Waterland” by Graham Swift and the Fenlands are prominent through the narrative. They are presented… Read more »

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The epitome of boredom.

I was cornered. The glistening eyes, watery and needy, looking straight at me. It was my grandma who was looking for entertainment in the nearest shopping mall. With her best friend. Both of them over 70. And I was cornered into driving them there because … well, it was Saturday and hell, I don’t have… Read more »

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Why I like Annie Leibovitz

For those of you who have been living in a Starbucks Coffee Shop so far, Annie Leibovitz is one of the best photographers that America has ever seen. She shot the now famous naked John Lennon picture for the Rolling Stones Magazine and has been a¬†favorite¬†photographer for the stars. Below are my favorite pictures: Click… Read more »