The funniest cats of YouTube – Top 5

First off, my favourite Trololo Cat

Second, it’s my favourite cat… well, it’s not mine, it’s Simon’s. Simon’s Cat starring in Cat Man Do:

My third favourite is the baby kitten along with the momma cat. And the poor little thing is having a bad dream! No worries, mamma cat to the rescue!

Fourth on the list is the stalking kitty:

Last but not least, is the cat who does not want to have a bath. Period. NO!

The Parkour Cat

A video clip with a cat from Coolangatta – Australia has become viral on YouTube, being seen by half a million people in only three days.
The uploaded material belongs to Robert Dollwet who presents the adventures of his cat Didga.

Two years old, the cat loves an adrenaline rush, performing all kinds of extreme jumps.
Rober Dollwet says that he adopted his cat when she was only 13 weeks old and even from that young age he could tell that she was a daredevil.

You can see her in the video below:

Spot the cat

There were really strong winds last night and the fence fell down on one of the houses in the area.
As I walked past, I saw a multitude of toys, plastics and other items that would be deemed as rubbish and one cat. I challenge you to find it.


The Stalking Cat (Hannah)

As I lay on the floor reading a new book, this lovely kitten started stalking me. I grabbed my camera and caught the faces she pulled as she was trying to sneak up on me and attack me.

IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1291

The cat in the picture is named Hannah and was one of the best cats I ever had. Unfortunately, she was run over by a careless driver and she’s no longer here to stalk us.

My Two Cats Growing Up

I’m missing my cats terribly. As you know, I have a thing for cats, I love them, I cuddle them and I like to stroke them until they purr!
While I’m in England, there’s not much I can do as my landlord does not allow pets (and cats especially because they are “dirty creatures”). While I don’t agree with him, I have asked my dad to send me pictures of the cats in their daily life so I can see how they are doing. They are massive! They grew so much since I left!
Poze 01 05 2013 517
Poze 01 05 2013 502
Poze 01 05 2013 499
Poze 01 05 2013 293