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How to get through a very long flight!

I’ve just booked a monster travel plan for next year and it features a 13h flight to Singapore followed by a 7h flight to Sydney and another 5h flight to Apia, Samoa (with the inherent layovers it’s a staggering 35h spent travelling!). All, of course, served up with the always delightful inevitability of severe jet… Read more »

Dolor y Gloria – Almodovar returns with this glorious movie

I’m a huge fan of the Spanish director Amodovar and being the movie goer that I am – I went to see a Spanish movie called “Pain and Glory” without realising Almodovar was the one behind it. When his name appeared on the title credits, I was tapping my feet in excitement. From the opening… Read more »

The Power to Cut things off – Contd (2)

First Chop: The power to cut things off – 1st branch I’ve had some time away to meditate as to what I want to chop off next. Accounts and passwords have been turned off / changed. Things have been packed. Things have been thrown away. Things have been gifted. At the end of the day, they… Read more »

The power to cut things off – 1st branch

So it’s not only Mr. Vader who has the ability to chop things off. I do too. I’ve entered a stage where I’ve had to re-evaluate a lot of things in my life and prune off the branches that will not bear fruit. To deconstruct the dead flower until I find the rotten bits and… Read more »

Post-adoption depression

So I’m sure everyone has heard or may be familiar with the concept of “pre-natal depression”. There is such a thing as “post-adoption” depression and I think I’m slowly going through it. The feelings of euphoria have dissipated and almost everyday I’m thinking “Am I doing the right thing?“, “Is this the right path for… Read more »

Scary Moms – Wisecrack

I absolutely loved this video. Expectations of motherhood. Tackles amazing horror movies like “The Exorcist”, “Good Night Mommy”, “Hereditary”, “Babadook” and many more. I’ve seen all these horrors but it never actually hit me how they do in fact tackle motherhood – either from the socially accepted norms perspective or from the multi-dimensional meaning.

Things no-one tells you when you’re adopting

So I’ve had MaryJane for nearly a month now living in my house (not real name) and it’s been quite an experience! Once she moved in, it felt so surreal as all outside communications seemed to have stopped. She’s with me now so what do I do? I tried to maintain the routine as much… Read more »