From my cats, Tabby is the only cat left..

I started off with three kittens, one got stolen, I had two left which I named Tabby and Shiro Shiro is the white one! A few life events follow and my two precious kittens are now teens and looking cute and fluffy.
My two cats growing up | Tabby has kittens!
One of them manages to produce offspring before we had her spayed. My tomcat wasn’t so lucky so he miawed at a higher octave after his kitten nuts were gone.
Shiro was poisoned 🙁 he died but he was happy while he lived. Tabby got bitten by a dog and nearly died, but on the bright side, she only lost her tail not her life. She now double-checks both ways before leaving the courtyard and going on a mice hunting trip.

Vet says she’s healthy and her fur is amazing. No parasites and no lice! And plenty of purrs

What pets do you have?

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Written by theFerkel