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I so like it when Netflix decides to remake 50 first dates and Groundhog day and who can forget the classic Bedazzled? You have the classic scenario: guy is in love with girl, girl chooses another, guy goes back in time to try again. And again. And again. After every attempt he wakes up in the future (present) to see what his choices have gotten him. All of them have a silver lining, when he chooses to be an asshole, he wakes up with a new hairdo and finds out he’s now a one-night stand kinda guy. When he acts all mature, he wakes up with a belly to match and a job that keeps him away from his love who now regrets her decision, and so on.

There was a scene in a kitchen after deciding to match her back to her previous guy which I really liked and I think it speaks true:

Fate is a tricky lady.
When you try to figure her out, you just get more confused.
All I know is the mistakes I’ve made and the ladies I’ve laid have made me who I am today.
If I were to go back and relive it differently, I wouldn’t be me.
And I like me.

I thought things were supposed to happen for a reason.
that’s what strippers and idiots say.
Things happen randomly for no reason at all.
But they create opportunities, Noah.
And you learn from those opportunities, even the missed ones.
The question is, can you recognize that next opportunity when it matters the most?

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Written by theFerkel