Oscars 2018 Movie List

Every year I do my best to watch every movie in the list nominated and create my own top 10 of who’s going to win. I fell in love with two movies this year. One was Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” and the second was “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”.

I was pretty off last year but I hope I’ll do better this one around!

Nearly finished my 2017 Oscar List. How far have you guys come?

Freaking hell, this movie was awesome! I hope she wins best actress and the screenplay was pretty hot too!
This is the story of a woman who tries to get the police to move a year after no-one has been arrested for the rape and murder of her daughter. It’s funny and guess what – it’s got Peter Dinklage in it. One moment you are laughing your butt off from the hilarious dialogue then you feel like someone just punched you in the gut. With every victory you think this story brings you feel like it was taken away from because of the world’s unfairness and injustice.
YEAAAH! Star Wars! I am one of the few people in my workplace who still defends the new movie as being absolutely stunning, original, away from the norm, a great epic saga in space with a range of diverse actors who can show off their skill. I don’t like haters and there are so many types of haters for this little movie! Non-Star Wars fans hated it because it wasn’t what they expected, Star Wars fans hated it because it wasn’t like the others in the past. I just look at it from an entertainment perspective and I shout! hell yeah! Give me the porgs! (PS: did you know they created the little Porg creatures because the island where they filmed on had loads of indigenous Puffins which they could not relocate and had to be CGI-ed over.)
Which ones were your favourites? Who do you think will win best picture?
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