Have you dreamt of another you living in another world?

Dreams are a communication of body, mind and spirit in a symbolic communicative environmental state of being.

Now that you are thoroughly confused let me explain in a more down to earth language. Our brains are in constant activity. Different states of consciousness (like awake, asleep, alert, drowsy, excited, bored, concentrating or daydreaming) cause different brain wave activity. Our conscious mind, or the part we think with, our “window” into life, only takes up a very small portion of our brain activity. (some say this is only 10%) Other areas control things like breathing, heartbeat, converting light to vision, sound to hearing, balance when we walk, etc. etc. This too has it’s own percentage.

Another area controls imagination. This area is widely an undiscovered frontier. Imagination is more then dreaming of a new car or picturing someone with their cloths off! When you look at clouds and see shapes, or wood grain and see images, this is the “order from chaos” part of your imagination. The mind cannot deal with chaos very well, in fact it will resist it and sometimes manufacture order. This too occupies a small percentage of brian activity. Then there is memory. Memory is vast! And I believe it occupies more of the brain’s resources then most people believe.

When you are sleeping, the dreams that you tend to see are nothing else than an encryption of your thoughts, feelings and your imagination, in fact they are a compressed version of your dominant and many a times non-dominant or incoherent thoughts and desires.

Did you ever hear of Freud? In his book called Dream Psychology, Freud explains that dreams are only an imagination of the world, we want to live in or we fear to be or the place we desire to be or many a times just an amalgamation of vague thoughts.

Your brain mind and spirit, while at rest “review” and analysis in its own way long term, short term and spirit memory. It kicks around emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions and interactions of the short term memory. It has in its background the trends of your life and philosophy to influence it. Your mind is also processing spiritual data, your beliefs, whether or not you violated them, your information gained through psychic intuition (we ALL have this to a certain degree) and of course, any communication from God (if you’re a believer).

The subconscious processes all this data and adds in external factors like people’s behaviour around you and their actions and words. Your brain is then able to collect subtext and implied meanings and create a story that will make sense to you. It sometimes turns into a form of visual “screenplay”, a medley of sight, sound, emotion and imagined interactivity.

How often did you dream of a solution to a problem that was bothering you?

The dream mechanism works in a certain way, our subconscious mind records every minute detain of our day, it is even conscious about the things we stress upon or in other words our dominant thoughts, the things thus recorded are stored in, and when we sleep, the last thought of ours becoming the dominant one for a while, to the conscious mind, is stressed upon, as brain never sleeps, it keeps on thinking and thus giving you visions in its own certain manner.

The end result is…. You guessed it, a dream!


Ahh but would it not be nice if it were that simple! Dreams are easily influenced by factors in your life and spirit, and these influences create “categories” that are almost infinite. We do broadly categorize them in terms like “prophetic, standard, physical and nightmare” (to name just a few) And these we study each their own, in order to gain benefit from them. I look at it this way: Our mind and spirit together with our brain, is actually the greatest computer ever devised! To understand it’s “back of the house” processing is to learn more about ourselves, God, our future and each other. Many things can be gained from dreams, better health (mental and physical), entertainment and even financial gain! (dreaming of a invention or idea) Now that you know some of the basics about dreaming and what (theoretically) dreams are you should have a better grasp on how to understand and use your dreams.

The dreams thus sometimes may appear to be vague, like a totally different world or a different life, as you may say, but are just another product of the skill our brain inherits, to present thoughts, emotions and ideas in a creative and compressed manner, our brain is intelligent enough to create illusions and also naive enough to fall in one.

Thus we don’t live a different life in our dreams but we imagine or visualize the same life or reality in a different manner, or rather an encrypted one.

If you prefer the multiverse theory

In Parallel Universes theoretical physicist Michio Kaku suggests that another universe may be floating just a millimeter away on a “brane” (membrane) parallel to our own. He explains that we can’t see inside it because it exists in hyperspace, beyond the four dimensions of our everyday reality. But in fact, we can and do go there – in dreaming and in the imagination.
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Dreaming, we swim in the quantum soup of possibilities, where the act of looking brings things into being. Dreaming, we discover the existence of alternate realities and parallel worlds – including dimensions that escape human conceptions of form – and can actively explore them. Dreaming, we confirm that consciousness is never confined to the body, and that we can reach people and objects at a distance.

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Written by theFerkel