A bit of Monday Motivation

“Spirit is substance which forms itself according to your demands and must have a pattern from which to work. A pan of dough is as willing to be formed into bread as biscuits. It makes as little difference to Spirit what we demand.”

Frances Larimer Warner, 1907

We can have anything that we can imagine. The very statement at the end of her quote that says “It makes as little difference to Spirit what we demand,” basically means the universe doesn’t care what you want. The universe is going to give you whatever you request.
best-motivational-quotes-sayings-meaningful.jpgAnd most of your requests take the form of your unconscious thoughts and feelings. The universe is simply going to be this automatic order fulfilling service, and if you ask for something pertaining to pain or misery or worry because of your focus on those kinds of things, that’s what you’ll get.

You can request anything.
There are no limits. There is nothing saying, “Dan, you can only have so much of this.” Or  Joe, you can only have seventeen books. You can’t have eighteen. You can have seventeen but you can’t have eighteen.”
1533383729-challenges_inspirational_quotes-465790.jpgNone of those demands or limitations are coming from Spirit. Spirit is saying, “We don’t care what you want. We have no difference in the collective mentality regarding your request.”

It’s all about being clear. I really think we are in a belief-driven universe. And what I mean by that is our beliefs truly create our reality. It’s not just our perception of reality, though that’s part of it. You know, that would be just on the level of “the glass is half full or the glass is half empty.” But we’re also creating the glass and what’s in the glass. And we’re doing that from our beliefs.

Whatever it is that excites you, enthuses you, that turns you passionate, that gets you excited, that makes you tapped in, turned on and excited, is where you want to go.

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Written by theFerkel