We’re all sexual deviants – Doctor Masters

You’re a public figure, Dr. Masters, so I must point out that if you accept this plea, you will be required to go into that courtroom and stand in front of a jury and the press, and admit to being a sexual deviant.

Sexual deviant.
I’m a scientist who’s spent decades of my life researching sex.
Even I don’t know what that means. How can something deviate when there is no norm?
No two humans would… paint the same painting or write the same poem or compose the same opera, so why would we expect two humans to express their sexuality
in the same way?
In fact, if there is one thing the years of research has taught us, it’s that no being’s sexual response is formed on an assembly line.
There is no shape… it must take. It’s as particular and individualistic as… a kiss.

And where there is such infinite variety, there’s no norm.
There’s only deviation.

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