Good definitions of common words

B8TNVojCIAIYXIr.jpgFlabbergasted: To be appalled over how much weight you have gained.

Carpet: A domesticated animal you love to drive around in your vehicle.

Gardening: Just another day at the plant.

Satellite: A low-fat version of Saturday.

Washington – A truckload of dirty laundry.

Forlorn – the patch of grass at the front of your home.

Seamstress – What happens to your clothing if you pull on the sleeves.

Diplomat – Something a dinosaur uses to cover his living-room floor.

Pharmacist – Someone who helps out with harvesting the crops.

Window – What you hope to do when you visit a casino.

Dreadlocks – The fear of not being able to open a door.

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Written by theFerkel