What the perfect Zombie Survival Kit Should Contain

Here’s what your Kit should have…
– Rifle,Shotgun or Assault Rifle. I’d prefer a good reliable sks carbine. semi auto, 7.62×39 mm ammo (same as the ak) and a five round clip. Good all around package…and it’s a relatively cheap to get.

Ammo box

– 300-600 rounds of ammo. Because you never know.
– Good comfy backpack. You’ll need a lot of storage for you gear.
– Sleeping bag. You will have to sleep sooner or later.
– Ear plugs. To drown out the moaning of the undead.
– Red glow sticks. Good light source.

– Hachet or machete. Both make great close quarters weapons and both are excellent survival tools.
– When patrolling your camp in pitch blackness you have to be absolutely certain you can see everything, but at a distance it can be difficult to differentiate between an injured human and a zombie. Get an infrared camera.
– Folding shovel. Another good close quarters weapon… also good for digging latrines.
– Local map. Preferably a state or provincial map with roads/backroads and bodies of water.
– Compass. To work with your map and help you navigate.
– Self powered flashlight and radio. You need to see and keep up with current events.
– Rope. You’ll need a lot, say a few hundred feet. And make sure it’s of good quality.
– 8′ x 10′ tarp. Makes a good, quick tent.
– Preventing scrapes is the best way to keep blood from attracting zombies, so covering exposed skin with protective gear is essential.
– First Aid Kit. Make sure its not a cheap one, and put it in a waterproof bag that gause won’t do any good wet.
– 12 big thick garbage bags. Good for everything from waterproofing your pack to making a poncho, to making a shower.
– 2 Rolls Paper towels. Good for toilet paper and snot rags.
– 2 or 3 sets of spare clothing. Obvious reasons…
– Dehydrated/Non perishable Food. MREs, Ramen noodles, canned food, granola, beef jerky it’s all good.
– 2 Litres of Clean Drinking water and a means of getting more. Meaning either have a filter kit, or purification tablets or a stove to boil water.
– Deck of Cards and a novel. You will get bored.
– 2 pocket knives. The uses are endless.
– Tactical watch. Knowing your surroundings and where you’re going is essential to survival in any setting. Make sure you’re wearing the 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch, which not only tells time, but also has a digital compass so you know your bearings.
– Multitool. again they can do anything from opening cans to cutting wire.
– Credit Card. Who knows when you’ll need plastic…and it can jimmy locks.
– 4 Burlap sacks. If you’d like to make a quick foxhole/barricade.
– Waterproof matches/ flint and steel. You’ll need fire.

If you want to spend about $20k, here’s something to make your day: Zombie Kit

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Written by theFerkel