What to wear in case of a Zombie Apocalypse

Here’s what to wear in a zombie apocalypse….

– Under Armor. It’s light and will either keep you cool or keep you warm.
– Motocross/Paintball jersey. They are both a good long sleeve top that can breathe, or have room to add layers underneathe (depends on your climate)
– Soft elbow and knee pads. They dont hamper mobility and keep you comfy. Plus TRY biting through them.
– A solid pair of cargos. Light and have lots of storage space.
– A good headband. To keep the sweat out of your eyes.
– Waterproof hiking boots (broken in). You’ll be on your feet a lot.
– Set of goggles that won’t fog. Either snowboard, paintball or motocross will do.
– Bandana. to cover your nose and mouth. Things will get messy.
– Good set of gloves. Again motocross or paintball will do.

And keep in mind if it’s cold out you’ll need to dress/pack accordingly. Just keep in mind to cover up.

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