Comics to read in a lifetime

I read Y: The Last man and I found myself searching for something new to read.

Sandman -The embodiment of dream is captured and then escapes after many years. Epic by Neil Gaiman. Landmark series

Fables – all those stories are true and those characters have fled their worlds and are hiding in New York from a dark evil. All those shows/movies out now about fairy tales now basically used this as a premise but this is actually good…damn studios not wanting to pay

Saga – A universe without limits, populated by all possibilities. A planet, lost in the cold light of a dying galaxy. On this world at war, life has just opened. Two lovers, Alana and Marko, give birth to Hazel, a symbol of hope for their respective peoples. Hope, a fragile idea that will have to extricate itself from the chaos to grow, flourish and conquer the immensity of the cosmos.

What I loved about it? There is a ghost babysitter, a grandmother who becomes a prison ruler, an intergalactic sit-com where the actors take drugs to make life easier and the fact that the story is told from the perspective of their offspring. The last two volumes made me cry in several spots and I can’t wait for the 2018 new release.


100 Bullets – mysterious man gives people a chance at revenge with a case of evidence, gun, and 100 untraceable bullets. Loved the story where a woman who receives the case is told that her missing daughter was actually dead, raped and killed by her husband. She kills him the same night.


Scalped – Man returns home to reservation and joins the ranks of a mob boss his family has a history with. Basically “The Wire” of comic books

Northlanders – These tales illustrate the harsh life of the Viking invasion and occupation of the British Isles from the 8th to 11th centuries. Families are broken, lives are saved, and death is everywhere


Firebreather – boy finds out his dad is king of the monsters

WE3 – Animals turned into modified assassins and enhanced intelligence… will cry

Conan The Barbarian (the current run) – Conan fucks shit up

863991.jpgBone – Cross between epic fantasy and comedy

Criminal – Story about people who live on the other side of the law

The Otherside – Story of an American Soldier and Vietnamese Soldier as they join thier armies during the Vietnam War

Road to Perdition – a 1930’s gangster assassin with a sense of honor with only his son left takes revenge (made into a movie)

A History of Violence – Man fends of two killers media attention attracts people from his dark past (made into a movie)

Maus: A survivor’s tale – touching story of the jewish in wwII germany

Thief of thieves – from the writer of Walking Dead a story of a former master thief trying to get his family and life together


Irredeemable – uses its own characters but they are all caricatures of big superheroes. Basically its the story of if Superman went nuts and went on a rampage killing and how the other heroes and people would deal with this. He kills all of Taiwan at one point if I remember (also has a sister title called Incorruptible which is a bad guy trying to go straight after he sees this guy go nuts)

Star Wars stuff: Star Wars Purge, STar wars Knights of the Old republic, Star Wars Tales,Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Godzilla Half Century War: He fucks shit up

Invincible: More realistic take on a universe with super powers and aliens

Walking Dead: zombies and no character is safe from death

Locke and key: Supernatural horror critically acclaimed. I personally didn’t like it that much and found it a bit bland. Think of the Orphans Baudelaire with a goth approach to life.


Hellboy: if you don’t know the premise google it.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles V1 and Tales of the TMNT or the current IDW run of Turtles: Darker and gritty compared the the stuff based off it

ronin_casey.jpgRonin: In the future suddenly a feudal age samurai appers (samurai jack used this as inspiration)

DMZ– Modern Civil War in USA told from journalist POV

Ex Machina is an American creator-owned comic book series created by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris, and published by DC Comics under the Wildstorm imprint.


The series details the life of Mitchell Hundred (also known as The Great Machine), the world’s first and only superhero, who, in the wake of his actions on 9/11, is elected Mayor of New York City. The story is set during Hundred’s term in office, and interwoven with flashbacks to his past as the Great Machine. Through this, the series explores both the political situations Hundred finds himself in, and the mysteries surrounding his superpowers.

This one was slightly boring for me but if you like House of Cards, you’ll enjoy the American Politics cover.

Any others you would like to add? Comments below

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