The man, the Legend, King Arthur (Londominium born and bred)

I have been surprised and thrilled about the amount of adrenaline-filled excitement that was the new Guy Ritchie movie

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


If you are expecting a slow dragging movie, with Merlin and the knights of the Round table and a lot of heroic talk about honor and witchery, you are in for a hell of a surprise.

A medieval fantasy story filled with fast-talking and wise-cracking character and peppered with interesting characters like George – the kung-fu master of Londominium.


There was loads of fighting and sword yielding and screaming and paternal and maternal deaths, two killings of loved ones in a sea-creature sacrifice, a throat slashing of another, the Lady of the Lake, a mage and OMG so much action!


I want that coat!

OK, there were some downsides: the repetitive flashbacks to his father’s death, each time revealing just a little bit more information than before, the teleporting machine between realms which is not really explained as to what it was and how it came to be. And where is Merlin? We know he sent the young female mage but we don’t know anything else at all.

And if you manage to follow the CGI-filled melees, you are doing better than I was. I just tuned out…

The FX are incredible and well put together in a cohesive manner, you will see the famous Guy Ritchie slow-mo action sequences. Incredible zoom in-out and pan across on action sequences much like Assassins Creed. All to communicate to the viewer exactly what is going on and where.
Overall, if you want to vicariously kick some ass, this is the movie for you.

PS: There are a lot of shots in this movie dedicated to the female audience:

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Written by theFerkel