Cute Easter Story

Emma and Tony thought they would give their toddlers a special Easter egg hunt.  Firstly, Emma hit upon the idea of sprinkling talc on the wooden floor, then using the bunny footprints, they created a trail in the talcum powder.

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In the lounge Tony not only placed carrots at strategic points, but also gnawed them to look like the rabbits had been there.  One neat touch was to leave a spilt saucer of milk in the kitchen.

This Easter bunny scene was so realistic that on Easter Sunday morning their children Ken and Lizzy rushed into our bedroom, screaming: ‘the Easter bunny has been’.

Over the years the story has been relived and embellished, 20 years on I am not sure who is the more embarrassed the parents, or the now grown-up children.

from Will and Guy

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Written by theFerkel