The scare * date gone wrong

“My boyfriend was going to a children’s museum with his younger brother and asked me to tag along. I didn’t feel like it, but I could tell that he really wanted me to go, so I agreed. But once I started checking out the exhibits, it actually turned out to be pretty fun. There was one about the pyramids, and it had a giant maze attached. I wanted to play a joke on my boyfriend, so I ran ahead of him and hid. I waited behind a wall so I could jump out and scare him when he walked by. As soon as I heard him coming, I jumped out and yelled,

‘Boo!’ All of a sudden, a little girl screamed and started crying! I had jumped out too soon and scared a kid who was at the museum with her mother. I felt so bad, but my boyfriend and his little brother could not stop laughing at my mistake!”

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Written by theFerkel