Death Parade * The skate scene

I started watching this anime a few days ago and I’ve binge-watched an entire show in less than 24h. It’s stunning in every way – story-line goes from silly to serious with great moral dilemmas in each episode. For example, you have two murderers in a room – one that killed the man who killed his wife and the other who killed the man who raped his sister. Who should go to heaven and who should go to hell? Oh, I forgot – the show is about soul judging – similar to the type of soul checking that Ma’at used to do in ancient Egypt by checking the sins against the weight of a feather.
Chiyuki – with her name meaning wisdom and happiness – ends up with the white-haired Decim (meaning 15 in latin) after she dies and she cannot be sent to either Heaven or Hell as she refuses to play the games that will put her in a category or another.

toxosrtIt is later revealed that she was a young professional ice skater. She had a happy childhood growing up with her mother and father and after reading her favorite children’s book Chavvot, became interested in ice skating after seeing the little girl in the picture book ice skate. She became very good and it became her passion. She was shown to live her life to the fullest with many great friends and with a warm loving family.

death-parade-12Her career as a professional ice skater also began to skyrocket after she won several awards. However, this all changed when she received a horrible knee injury that took away her ability to skate. When she lost her ability to skate, she fell into depression but grew to realize it was not the fact that she couldn’t skate that was so depressing so much as the fact that it was what defined her and after being unable to skate, she felt hollow and empty, as if she was nothing and all of the people she cared about became like strangers, as they did not truly understand her and because she lost the one things she could relate to with them: her ability to skate. Chiyuki later committed suicide by slitting her wrists.

The judgment is usually simple, as people choose their lives over others’, and the judgment is there to make sure of it. Mayu was given the same test, but with someone else’s life instead of her own. Chiyuki committed suicide, which makes her problematic, because she’s willing to surrender her life away, but that does not mean there isn’t darkness within.


I must say the finale left me in tears 🙁 such a good anime, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!

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Written by theFerkel