Do you pee in the shower?

After the Übermodel Gisele Bündchen recommended on her official website, that people should pee in the shower to save water, different discussions of whether it’s right or indeed ecological sprung up.

On the internet, it surpassed the topics and turned community on social networking sites. Blogs and social networks, the campaign has received thousands of comments. Controversy aside, the beautiful statement of the resumed discussion on the water we sent away as soon as the switch-on of the flush valve.

Last year, the SOS Atlantic Forest began a campaign on the subject. The NGO estimated that each pees five times a day on average and the flushes add up to 12 liters. Fabiano da Veiga product engineer recalls that discharges manufactured after 2002 must meet the Brazilian legislation determines an expense of 6.8 liters of water.


Do you pee in the shower?

With the data in hand, SOS Atlantic Forest launched a website encouraging people to pee in the bath to reduce the number of given flushes. With a light and humorous language, the proposed had so much support that surprised even the imageswaters of the network coordinator of the SOS Atlantic Forest, Malu Ribeiro.

– If a person reduces the number of flushes per day, even by one, you will be contributing to the treated water other people have access to. For now, it was found that 76% of people pee in the shower, but the number should increase because everyone is more aware.

Malu points out that the waste water in the bathroom is the villain in consumption. According to surveys of the SOS Atlantic Forest, a person consumes on average 360 liters of water per day. Of this amount, 80% is used in the sink, shower and toilet.

– This water goes away is treated and expensive – she says.

Population growth is alert to new habits


Those who think that peeing in the shower is disgusting beware to alert the vice president of Florip Amanhã NGOs, Otavio Ferreira Filho.

He said, based on a survey conducted in conjunction with the Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (ABES) and completed in December last year, the population of Florianópolis should exceed 1.5 million by 2028, but that available water resources today, Lagoa do Peri, Cubatao and Aquifer of British, will be insufficient to meet the increased consumption that will be generated.

– Before we discover new sources of water, we need to change habits – warns vice president of Florip Amanhã NGOs.

Tips from the beautiful
Other top recommendations on how to save water:

– Reduce the times you bathe (I personally only run a bath on Christmas Eve to be squeaky clean and relaxed for the present opening)
– Do not let the tap drip
– Select modes of lower water consumption when using appliances (Eco mode on dishwasher)
– Water the plants at night
– Make sure you are cleaning the water tank every six months
– Use economic taps
– When is in the hotel, save and re-use towels and sheets
– Do not use water jets to wash cars and sidewalks. Use the buckets

The mathematics of economics
– A person, adult and healthy, pees five times a day on average. If made in the bath at least once a day, save a discharge and reduce the consumption of 12 liters of water per day. In a year, the economy reaches more than 4000 liters of water
– Following the same calculation, if a family of five people adopt the habit, the treated water savings will be 60 liters per day. For a year, almost 22,000 liters will no longer go through the toilet
– If the family of five people do pee in the bath for a month, you can ensure the daily consumption of 79 people with only water savings
– reduce a discharge day may seem little, but if all join in a short time, saving water will be visible.

Help the Earth and pee in the shower:



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