Penny dreadful – My Scars are my own

Does sadness stain you?

“Did you really intend to kidnap her?”
“I intended to heal her.”
“But I’m not ill, Victor. I am preternaturally healthy, as well you know.”

“I have developed a serum, a medicine of sorts.
I can take all your anger and rage and make it go away.
Make you whole, and human. Free from the burden of hate.
Unblemished by sadness.”

“My sadness is my own. I would never give it up.”

pennydreadful_s2_pr_release_portraits_lily“But I can make you who you were.”

“And you think that would be kindness?
I have suffered long and hard to be who I am.
I want my scars to show.”

“We were happy.”

“No, Victor, you were happy.”

“Hear me, boy.
Mend your broken heart elsewhere. Ease your conscience with another.
I am done with you.”

If you were able to take a pill to erase everything in your past that gave you a heart ache or made you sad… would you do it?

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