Suicide squad was awesome!

I don’t think I went to a movie with more fear of disappointment! I have seen (like most of the world) the Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie and I thought I was in for another Twilight!


I loved it! Despite the 40min character introduction, each themed with its own song making the movie feel like a massive playlist, despite the very shaky plot line filled with bad decisions to keep the movie going, despite fat Jay Courtney.

Slipknot! He can climb anything! And that’s it. Seriously. That’s it. That’s his superpower.

Slipknot! He can climb anything! And that’s it. Seriously. That’s it. That’s his superpower.

I was laughing when they introduced a character only to have him immediately killed to prove a point. Literally two minutes after he was dragged in. I don’t even remember seeing him in the trailers.

Three main characters stole the show – Harley Quinn, The Joker and Deadshot. Harley was amazing and I can see a lot of girls getting dressed up as slutty Harley for Halloween – with red and blue makeup and a bat as an accessory.

Her fight moves were amazing! She can totally shoot a gun and  her dance moves rival Demi Moore in that Stripper movie from the 80’s



The Joker: Question! Would you die for me?
Harley Quinn: Yes.
The Joker: That’s too easy. Would you… would you live for me? Hmm?
Harley Quinn: Yes.
The Joker: Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly! Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power. You want this?
Harley Quinn: I do.
The Joker: Say it. Say it. Say it! Pretty pretty pretty pretty…
Harley Quinn: Please?
The Joker: God, you’re so good.
Jared Leto’s Joker was much discussed before and I felt sad that I didn’t see much of him in the movie. His laugh is haunting! And he is positively psychotic! Not funny or full of gadgets like the cartoon / comic book series, nor dark and broody as Heath Ledger’s Joker – but purely on pills.
I didn’t understand a few things though – how did she get the pink phone that she used to message her boyfriend (was it hers from before?, how did the battery last?). How did he know where to find her? And how did he get the codes to deactivate her bomb choke-hold that the government put on her? And whether he survived the crash? It would be such a shame for his hunt for her to reward him with only a few moments of bliss before death!
Deadshot is just Will Smith. He’s not trying to be special and he definitely pulls some pecs out (at least twice in the movie) for the female audiences. What really surprised me was the very good on-screen chemistry between Deadshot and Harley (makes me think Jada Pinkett Smith would be on set to watch over her hubby with this sex -on-legs around him).
The funniest part of the movie (for me at least) was the “Enchantress”. I could not help myself but laugh when the tension mounted and we saw the squad finally go to her elimination (finally ’cause part of the movie is rescuing the person who sent them on the rescue mission 🙂 ). She was literally undulating like a snake to do her magic!
I broke out in fits of laughter whenever she was shown on screen! It was like she was sprayed with itching powder!
I wish they will do a background story on the Enchantress and her twin brother! How did they come to be? Are they from a different dimension? Did they rule the Earth? Why did she have to kiss the people around her to add them to her army?
I liked it, it was good entertainment (mindless entertainment I must add) and it’s all in good fun! A lot better than going to the movies and wondering yourself afterwards “What the hell did I just watch?” Birdman the movie and the conflicting love-hate relationship
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Written by theFerkel