Kirsten Stewart got a girlfriend and the fake accounts pop up

I saw this shitty post this morning and I was getting angry about the ignorance of others until something else happened:
Capture “I always thought Kristen Stewart looked like the ugly girl with the name tag at Wal-mart and after knowing about her love life I see her girlfriend is even uglier. Good thing they can’t make babies. “Right now” she’s really in love? I hope this girl finds happiness one day. On/off relationships rarely work. You either stay together or you go separate ways. It’s too hard on the heart to constantly fight with someone you’re supposed to love. You don’t just fall in and out of love over night. That’s not love. It’s lust.
I always thought since watching her in that movie Panic Room that she was gay. Giving her feminine roles really freaked me out. That’s so important. Advertising the fact you live vicariously through the experiences of complete strangers should serve as a warning to others not to take you or your opinions seriously. Don’t own your own life? Rent one.”

I was like WTF! This girl is really worked up about a celebrity’s life and so judgemental it’s unreal. I was sure others thought the same, and sure enough, the comments box showed it.

Until I saw this:


So it seems we have all been duped. Post a racist/homofobe comment on facebook and watch the interactions come in, post goes viral, social media pins increases and woop woop you have traffic to your shitty little website. Hmm, is this negative marketing then?

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Written by theFerkel